Why do I feel like I am being used as a guinea pig? Not that I have anything against guinea pigs. In fact, I love the little critters and used to keep some as pets when I was a kid. It’s just that my latest prescription for alverine citrate is just one of many prescriptions in the last few months.

Alverine citrate a smooth muscle relaxant

I was prescribed alverine citrate by my gastroenterologist while experiencing IBS type symptoms. I got the impression that I was a guinea pig and was trying this medication along with many others, albeit at separate times, just to see what may or may not work.

Guinea Pig

Alverine is a drug used for functional gastrointestinal disorders. Alverine is a smooth muscle relaxant. Smooth muscle is a type of muscle that is not under voluntary control; it is the muscle present in places such as the gut and uterus.

Smooth muscles are responsible for contracting hollow organs such as blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract and, in this case, the bladder. I have more recently been prescribed Tamsulosin by my urologist, for a similar but, hopefully, unrelated problem. This is also a smooth muscle relaxant.

I certainly found that the pain I had been experiencing was diminished, but not hugely.

But, as I seemed to be the testing ground for IBS medication, I was soon moved on to something else.

I am not averse to being a guinea pig, if I can see some potential benefit at the end of it. However, in this case, after many months of trials, my gastroenterologist decided my problem and pain was neurological; in other words it was my MS. A case I had been arguing for since the outset of my IBS journey.

On looking up Internet information on WebMD I noticed the following warning:

Alverine should be used with caution and a doctor needs to be consulted in: people who have experienced these symptoms for the first time, those aged 40 years or older, those producing bloody stools, patients with severe constipation or fever, people who have recently travelled abroad, those having difficulty or pain passing urine (water), women with abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

It should not be used in: people allergic to alverine or to any other ingredients in the medicine, patients with paralytic ileus (lack of bowel movements, leading to blockage of the gut) or obstruction to the gut.

As I was over 40 at the time I am surprised that my gastroenterologist was willing to prescribe this medication. Had I seen the warning at the time I may have been less willing to be his guinea pig.


Interestingly, I remember this as being, perhaps, 10 year ago. But, it must be much more. I will be 60 next birthday.

Please take a look at my:

Plethora of Neurological Symptoms

to see what else I have been poked and prodded and pricked for.


Alverine on WebMD

Smooth Muscle – Wikipedia Page

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