Bee Sting Therapy

The use of products derived from the honey bee is known as apitherapy. The bee products may include honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, beeswax and bee venom. Personally, I will stick to honey over bee sting treatment.

Honey Bee venom is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. It is believed that the bee venom contains many substances which have anti-inflammatory properties thereby suppressing the immune system. The bee venom is administered, the bees are encouraged to sting, up to three times per week. This therapy is generally provided by private individuals who keep bees and maintain bee hives at home. In one case a lady MS sufferer has been stung many thousands of times and she believes it is making a positive difference to her well-being.

apitherapy bee sting venom honey ms multiple sclerosis
Apiarist or Apiculturist

Bee Sting Treatment

This therapy is being provided by non-professionals, is not clinically tested and has no recognised medical approval. There is a real risk of serious, even fatal, allergic reaction to bee venom, as I’m sure anyone who has been stung by a bee will testify. Bee-keepers, you will notice, wear protective clothing to avoid being stung.

Other Names (from WebMD)

Apis mellifera, Apis Venenum Purum, Apitoxin, Apitoxine, Bald-faced Hornet, Bee Sting Venom, Bombus terrestis, Bumblebee Venom, Frelon à Face Blanche, Frelon Jaune, Guêpe à Taches Blanches, Honeybee Venom, Mixed Vespids, Pure Bee Venom, Veneno de Abeja, Venin d’Abeille, Venin d’Abeille Mellifère, Venin d’Abeille Pure, Venin de Bourdon, Venin de Guêpe, Vespula maculata, Wasp Venom, White-Faced Hornet, Yellow Hornet, Yellow-Jacket Venom.


This article is on my personal MS blog and it is included for interest’s sake. I have never used bee sting therapy and I am highly unlikely to try bee sting therapy.

This post, while it doesn’t contain a date, must go back to a time around 2005/2006 giving an idea of how long I have been blogging. Not that that is relevant to this post topic, it is just useful to throw in a little colour here and there.

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