I don’t usually get excited about new product launches but, Blog 2 Biz is different as it is a product I already use and love. I would also love it if you were similarly enamoured. Why? Because it’s not every day an opportunity like this comes along and, as an affiliate, I have a vested interest in it doing well.

Blog 2 Biz: Melyssa Griffin flagship training

This is the new, revamped blog for business training course from Melyssa Griffin. I have been using the earlier version for some time and it is a great product. Melyssa is a great teacher and has admirers and fans across the globe. She has, in only a few years, turned her e-course business into a very lucrative 7-figure business and she wants to do the same for YOU.

Forget the hype, it is not beyond your means, roll up your sleeves and dive in. This is not a course for the faint-hearted. It is NOT a get-rich quick scheme.

If you are prepared to work hard, if you are prepared to listen and learn, you could be running your own profitable business sooner than you might think.

This is a business you can run from the comfort of your own home. It is a business where the outlay, or investment, is as big or small as you are comfortable with. This is a business that you can do!

Blog 2 Biz Melyssa GriffinMelyssa is making this training available for only a few weeks, so don’t prevaricate, there are no prizes for second place. If you are ready to do it next week, then you are not really ready.

What is included in the Blog 2 Biz training:

  1. Strategies to rapidly grow your blog traffic
  2. Understanding your email list and newsletter
  3. Email list growth hacking
  4. Map out your own training course
  5. Build your course from A to Z
  6. Marketing and launching your course
  7. Technical training

Visit the Melyssa Griffin sales page for full details and testimonials

I know, you’ve seen it all before :- fabricated testimonials from completely fictitious people from very dodgy backgrounds. But, no these are real opinions from real people, indeed at least one of them I know from my blogging travels.

This is no good for me, I can’t produce an e-course, I have no need for an e-course so what would I use it for?

E-courses are the fastest, most rapidly growing area of internet business on the market at the moment. Anyone can produce an e-course for their niche. The beauty of producing a course for your niche, is just that. It is your niche, your area of speciality.

We all have something of value we can share. We may not know it at first, but it is there if we just take the time to consider what we know.

Part of the Blog 2 Biz training covers the ways you can identify your individual niche. It focuses on the methods you can use to spotlight your strengths, even when you are not aware you have any.

Blog 2 Biz Hive bonuses

It is standard practise for many online products to offer the product as a limited time offering and Melyssa is no different. Blog 2 Biz Hive will only be available for a couple of weeks with its added bonuses.

These bonuses are high value products in their own right. I know from my own experience with Melyssa’s products that the bonuses are as good if not better than the main product.

What are these bonuses?

  1. Sell out your course with affiliates
  2. Plug and Play 10-part launch email sequence
  3. Accountability Partner
  4. Beginner + Advanced launch master plans
  5. Impressive Ads on Facebook
  6. Private Facebook Community
  7. 6 months of group coaching

The bonus products are well worth having so go check out the offer to see what you could be missing.

Visit the Melyssa Griffin sales page for full details and testimonials

If you are serious about starting a good, profitable work-from-home business than the very least you can do is take a look at this, in my opinion, wonderful product from Melyssa Griffin

Blog 2 Biz Hive

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