Curating Blog posts is absolutely essential. Old posts are quickly forgotten, both by the reader and by the author. This post promoting books relating to multiple sclerosis is a good case and point.

As the author and creator of this page, when I came back to review this multiple sclerosis books page, I have no recollection of when or why I created it.

Multiple Sclerosis Books

This post replaces an older page on a site of a previous incarnation of my publishing aspirations.

I had been exploring, indeed researching, multiple sclerosis and discovered many books written by fellow MSers.

MS Books Reading Essential
MS Books


I was astounded and ashamed. My publishing aspirations were dashed. The writing output I have produced amounts to little more than these paltry Blog posts.

The new post includes books such as:

  • Awkward Bitch: My Life with MS by Marlo Donato Parmelee
  • Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally: A Self-Help Guide to Living with MS by Judy Graham
  • Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: An Evidence-Based Guide to Recovery by George Jelinek
  • Coping With Multiple Sclerosis: A Comprehensive Guide to the Symptoms and Treatments by Richard Reynolds and Cynthia Benz
  • Multiple Sclerosis – The Essential Guide by Leonie Martin
  • Magical Sense – Living with MS by Sue Chambers

Having created a page dedicated to Multiple Sclerosis Reading, this post was written to replace an old outdated books post and serve as a gateway to the new destination.

Multiple Sclerosis is a barrier to Reading

One of the things I find most infuriating about MS, and this is probably¬†a gripe personal to me, Is the brain fog and loss of short term memory. It makes the reading of books difficult. Not because I find the process of reading at all challenging. It is just that I don’t remember what I have read.

I am currently trying to work through the complete works of Charles Dickens, something of a gargantuan task, and by the time I have finished a book I have forgotten who the characters have been. Yes, I may remember the central characters, but the other players will have gone from my memory entirely.

It is more of an issue when I am reading books with material of a technical nature. Obviously, in this circumstance, remembering details is rather more important than recalling the ancillary characters in a Dickens novel.

Before I leave you, I must point you in the direction of another of a different reading viewpoint to show that there is a vast world of reading out there.


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