5 Step bootcamp blog to grow your audience and get more trafficWhat is Blog to Biz Bootcamp? Let me tell you! It is a super-exciting prelude to the latest very successful online training course from Melyssa Griffin. Her original Blog to Biz Hive training course was a huge winner. With many students from all around the world, hungry to learn all that Melyssa teaches.

Blog to Biz Hive

Blog to Biz hive, as the name may suggest is an online training course designed to teach you all you need to know to go from enthusiastic blogger to successful entrepreneur without falling at any of the many hurdles that so many stumble upon.

The course covers such essentials as creating the perfect sales page to mastering Pinterest to drive huge traffic to your site. I am one of her many delighted students and I will happily attest to her exuberant, friendly, knowledgeable teaching style.

Why am I so excited about this impending product launch? Because I believe 100% in these online courses and I consider Melyssa to be my friend and mentor and I wish her every success with this new, improved and revised Blog to Biz Hive product.

Why should you click through to visit the launch page? Because you have nothing to lose. The bootcamp and webinar are free for you to explore and discover just what an amazing product this is. You have nothing to lose but, you may have everything to gain.

So why am I promoting this here?

Three years ago, my friend Melyssa Griffin was struggling to grow an audience.

Posting 5 days a week on her blog.

And baaaarely making enough money to get by.

Today, she has a *thriving* business with over 90,000 email subscribers and multiple online courses that regularly bring in over 6 figures per month. (Yep. Per month.)

So the big question is — how did she make such a huge shift in just 3 years?

Well, Melyssa has created a video training series that compiles all of her best tips on exactly what she did.

And guess what? She’s letting me hook you up with that training — for free!

The bootcamp is still open for a few days so get in while you can

Blog to Biz Bootcamp the best click you could make

So what IS this video series, exactly?

5 Steps traffic and audience buildingIt’s the Blog to Biz Bootcamp Series.
This training digs into the step-by-step process you need to follow to grow an audience (and an income) through your blog.

The series is packed with some of Melyssa’s best teachings.

The thing I love about Melyssa is that she has a fun teaching style where she’s able to break down complex ideas into simple, easy-to-follow steps. (Her thousands of students would probably agree!)

And the best part about this training? The videos will be released over a 1-week period — so you can get crackalackin’ on building a better blog (that doesn’t take years and years to see success from).

The bootcamp is still open for a few days so get in while you can

Blog to Biz Bootcamp the best click you could make

Melyssa Griffin Course

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