Yours truly has Multiple Sclerosis, MS, and my step-sister and a good friend have Fibromyalgia. One of the things we have in common is chronic pain. Both conditions are considered to be autoimmune diseases where the immune system attacks healthy cells in the body.

I have long suffered from constant pain which I have attributed to my MS. I refer to this neurological pain as chronic pain but, I am not certain that this is the correct terminology.

From the Oxford English Dictionary:

Chronic (Of an illness) persisting for a long time or constantly recurring: chronic bronchitis
Often contrasted with acute.

By that definition it would seem that my neurological pains are indeed chronic.

Chronic Pain and the Surprising Remedy

I had intended to entitle this article as “Chronic Pain Cured” but that would have been an extravagant claim as while I currently suffer far less from these debilitating pains, they have not gone.

Chronic Pain Remedy

So, what miraculous treatment or magic pain-killer have I used to achieve this transformation?

The truth is both surprising and unlikely. And yes, I have a “magic pill” but, it is NOT a pain-killer. Unfortunately, if you are one of my many lady Blog readers, this solution is not for you. This is very much a male-only remedy to a male-only problem.

Neuropathy is a disease or dysfunction of peripheral nerves and can cause numbness, weakness and or pain

I spoke, earlier, about my neurologist referring me to the urology clinic as being bizarre. It has since transpired that it was anything but and it has been the examination and investigation undertaken by the urologist that revealed an enlarged prostate gland. Apparently, this is quite common in men over the age of fifty, which I most certainly am.

I was prescribed a drug, intended to help reduce the size of the enlarged prostate gland and it has been this drug that is providing the relief from my chronic pain. This miracle drug is Tamsulosin and comes in various brand names; Pinexel and Contiflo are two that I have received to date. I call it a “miracle drug” which is perhaps over-egging the drug’s ability somewhat. It is a miracle that my doctors found it or it is a miracle that I finally listened to what my specialists were telling me.

How is Tamsulosin easing the chronic pain?

How the tamsulosin is helping I cannot say with any certainty. I surmise that my enlarged prostate has been pressing on my urethra and this is restricting the flow of urine. This pressure must somehow become translated as pain by my dysfunctional nervous system.

What is sure, is that yes my urine flow is improved a little, but my chronic pain is hugely alleviated, to the point where I have periods of several hours at a time with no pain and having suffered near constant chronic pain for many years this is an immense relief.

MS and Fibromyalgia

I do not have fibromyalgia but I do know several people who do and it is for this reason that I have been reading up on fibromyalgia. As far as I can ascertain there is much common ground between MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and Fibromyalgia. They are both autoimmune diseases and both can give rise to chronic pain.

Now it seems that my pains have now been attributed to my enlarged prostate but, that should not have caused pain without the neuropathy being there to exacerbate it.

I suppose, amongst other things, the point I am trying to make is that while MS or Fibromyalgia may be responsible for many of the chronic pains we get, they are not the only things that might be the cause. It’s been too easy for me to say when talking about any of my symptoms: “Oh it’s the MS” and look no further. I was wrong, or I think I was wrong, discovering tamsulosin for an enlarged prostate has been my saviour and it is NOT, at least not directly, my Multiple Sclerosis.

What are your thoughts on Chronic Pain?

Do you have experience of an enlarged prostate or are you living with chronic pain? If I have made mistakes in this article, please leave a comment on this post, I would love to hear from you.

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Well I m a woman so no prostrate! I have chronic excruciating pain now. It has built up from first relapse, never in 8 is years have I found out source.
I have been referred to gynecological phsio and for the first time she has the answers and hopefully help with pain. She totally understood. I am shocked and have another appointment. She was a total expert in this field.


Hi Jane,

Terrific news about your gynaecological physio. You don’t say what they think is the problem. If the physio helps I would love to hear back from you again with a progress update.


Hi there,

I’m putting together an event in London with MS bloggers for a pharmaceutical company and would like to enquire about your availability – could you let me know the best email address to contact you on?

I look forward to hearing from you,



Thank you, I would love to be able to attend your event, but I’m afraid London is a bit far for my troublesome bladder to manage.


Hi Stephen,

Sorry to hear that. May I ask where you’re based?



Hi Elspeth,

Thank you for your comment and your concern. I am in Scotland, in the unseasonable heat.


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