When I first thought to put this post together, I only envisaged producing a list of famous people who were unfortunate enough to share this debilitating disease, called Multiple Sclerosis, with me.

Name Checking Famous People

And that should have been enough. Except, that:

  1. I hadn’t really researched the subject enough
  2. At the time I wasn’t using the WP plugin Yoast SEO
  3. My multiple Sclerosis wasn’t that severe.

Now, I realise there is a lot more to creating a successful WordPress blog post, than just cobbling together a list of somewhat disparate names. I had hoped that by including the names of famous celebrities I was, somehow guaranteed, to get oodles of organic traffic to my blog.

Celebrities are NOT immune from MS

Obviously millions of people world-wide suffer from multiple sclerosis, but I thought it may be interesting to note which famous people or celebrities also suffer from multiple sclerosis.

The list below has been gleaned from a couple of other sites with lists of this sort, and they are far more comprehensive. I simply picked out the few names that I recognised and had some kind of meaning for me.

Although J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame does not suffer from multiple sclerosis, her late mother did. I believe that because of this Ms Rowling is now taking an active role with the MS Society in Great Britain, it may be the Scottish branch of the society and I am told that she is serving as chairman. But that is just hearsay. If I find out anything more definite, it will appear here.

Famous People Multiple Sclerosis Celebrities

The Multiple Sclerosis Celebrities

  • Wayne Dobson, Magician
  • Jacqueline du Pre, Cellist
  • William Hartnell, Actor – Dr. Who
  • Alan Osmond, Singer with The Osmonds
  • Richard Pryor, Actor
  • Clifford T. Ward, Singer/Songwriter
  • Clive Burr, Drummer (Iron Maiden)
  • Stewart Henry, DJ
  • Ronnie Lane, Musician (The Faces)
  • Tiger Tim (no, not Henman. A DJ from Glasgow)
  • Danny Wallace, ex Southampton and Manchester United Footballer
  • Alison Peebles, Actress most famous for her Taggart role
  • Frances de la Tour, Actress
  • Teri Garr, American Actress
  • Clay Walker, American Country Music Artist
  • Montell Williams, American Talk Show Host
  • Jack Osbourne, son of Sharon and Ozzy

Alan Osmond and Tiger Tim are both on the Aimspro trial.

Wrapping up this Famous People Post

For a slightly more comprehensive list of afflicted celebrities you should refer to this page on the All About Multiple Sclerosis site.

Now, I wouldn’t be doing my job as a professional blogger correctly, if I didn’t leave with a little teaser link to spend a little more time on my Blog.

A Random Teaser Link

The only thing I will tell you about the teaser link is that it takes you to another post on this site, and it may be of interest to a visitor without Multiple Sclerosis.

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Texas Christy

There’s also: Teri Garr (American actress), Clay Walker (American Country Music Artist), Montell Williams (American talk show host).


Thyank you very much for your contribution, I shall add them to the list in due course.


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