I have written a number of book reviews. But this is the only one on this blog, I think. It is a logical choice given that the Sue Chambers book: Magical Sense is about her experience with multiple sclerosis.

Magical Sense

Some time ago I was invited to review this book by the publisher. Part of their promotional campaign I think. I read the book and found it enjoyable and, in many places, enlightening.

See the review I submitted and come to your own conclusion. Of course, if you wish to purchase the book, I have provided links for you and I’m sure Sue would be delighted.

magical sense
Magical Sense

Magical Sense: Living with MS – Sue Chambers

A well-documented journey of life with multiple sclerosis

My Review:

Sue Chambers comes through her writing as an intelligent, good-humoured lady. She has clearly kept a very detailed diary over the years, which has allowed her to relate her experience with such faithful precision.

As someone with Multiple Sclerosis, I can relate to much of what she writes about and, as always, it makes me feel comforted knowing others feel as I do.

This is not a work of great literary brilliance, it is a story told from the heart, often with humour, occasionally with pain, but always with obvious honesty.

Over the years, Sue has tried many treatments and has travelled as far as Canada to receive at least one. Some of these I am familiar with and some I have never heard of.

Unfortunately, while some of these treatments have helped her in the short-term, you are left with the impression that the condition always slips back.

From a purely selfish point of view, the best thing about this book is that my wife read it. Perhaps it is a female communication thing, but after reading the book my wife suddenly understood what having MS is like. I have spent years trying to explain it, and overnight Sue has done it. A BIG thank you Sue.

This has been a thought-provoking, often enlightening, thoroughly enjoyable read. One I would be happy to recommend to anyone.

I leave you, in my usual style, by leaving you with a link to my MS symptoms page:

A Plethora of Neurological Dysfunctions

In the hope that you will stay a little longer and help reduce my bounce rate.

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