Nortriptyline a tricyclic antidepressant

I was recently prescribed Nortriptyline to attempt to control the pain and insomnia of my Multiple Sclerosis. I was hesitant as I had reacted badly to Amitriptyline in the past. My doctor assured me that Nortriptyline had fewer side-effects and the 10mg she was precribing was a “baby” dose.

It did little to alleviate my symptoms and by morning it had much the same side-effects. I was not impressed and shortly afterwards discontinued using Nortriptyline.

What is Nortriptyline?

Nortiptyline belongs to a group of medications known as tricyclic antidepressants. It can be used to treat depression, insomnia and mood disorders. Additionally, is often used for chronic pain releif.

I have been prescribed Nortriptyline as a a safer more benign treatment than amitriptyline for my myoclonic jerk induced insomnia. I have not found it much better than its predecessor. The pain reliving qualities are limited, the sleep-inducing power is nil unless you increase the dosage considerably and it does NOT calm my twitching legs at all. All-in-all I am a great deal less than impressed with Nortriptyline.

Side Effects

The list of possible side-effects appears almost endless. I personally only find tiredness or fatigue to be an an issue as I did when I was prescribed amitriptyline.earlier

For a full list of the possible side effects refer to

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