Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO)

A fellow MSer on Twitter posted a tweet to say she going for oxygen therapy, this piqued my interest so I enquired. She pointed me to the MS Society HBO page. This gives an overview of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and the ailments it can have a positive influence over.

I have long been aware of the need to keep the brain oxygenated, crazy considering I smoke.

Sildenafil improves Blood Flow

I had begun investigating this when I came across the Mouse Model of MS where mice were shown to respond to sildenafil (viagra) after being exposed to the mouse equivalent of Multiple Sclerosos. I figured I could be the mouse (guinea pig) and try this for myself. My GP was willing to prescribe sildenafil for erectile dysfunction which I have. I explained my theory and intended experiment. She suddenly became very hard of hearing as she could not, professionally, condone my action. However she did quietly request I told her of the outcome of my experiment.

Angioplasty to Widen the Blood Vessels

On a similar theme, my mother, who also has MS, maintains a diet low in animal fats as she believes these animal fats are clogging her arteries restricting the flow of blood to the brain. She was all in favour of me undergoing surgery to widen my arteries as she had read this would help. The surgey known as Angioplasty seemed a little to radical for my liking when I felt I could achieve the same result with sildenafil.

Diet to allow Self-Healing

Since that time I have discovered The Wahls Protocol which among many other health benefits, claims to clear arteries and improve blood flow naturally. This is the option I am currently pursuing with, I have to say, great results so far.

Oxygen Mask

Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen Tank

A good friend of mine, with PPMS, was recently given an oxygen mask to try and alleviate sleep apnoea a condition I share with him.The oxygen mask did help alleviate his sleep apnoea but, he also reported a sudden improvement with his other MS symptoms.

Oxygenating the MS Brain

Clearly, there are a number of ways of oxygenating the MS brain and I am convinced these are all possible ways of improving an MSers life. On its own it is unlikely to make a significant difference but, as part of your overall MS management it may be an important factor.

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protein complex immunoprecipitation

Like your life attitude. It’s kind like a life choice, different choice can affect you differently. Through your blog, I know more about the MS, thanks, and waiting for updates.


I know a lot about living with MS. Which of course does not mean I know a lot about MS. However I try to learn something new every day.


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