Having bounced back from the shattering news revealed in a recent article that my brain is probably atrophying (shrinking) I decided to reach out to other MS warriors and share my experience. For SEO reasons I have changed the name of this post from MS blogs to Personal Stories.

This is something I should have done many years ago. But, hindsight is a wonderful thing and life goes on.

Sadly, this reaching out has revealed just how many people are on the same MS journey. I have listed 16 personal blog sites to share this revelation and hope you will also reach out and further your own journey.

Personal Stories

Navigating the Journey of MS Cathy
A Short in the Cord Jean Wheeler
Brass and Ivory: Life with MS & RA Lisa Emrich
Living! with MS Nadja Yse Stringer
Carnival of MS Bloggers Lisa Emrich
Everyone here is Jim Dandy Richard Boughton
Empowered Spirit Cathy Chester
Dan and Jennifer Digmann Dan and Jennifer Digmann
MS Views and News Stu
My New Normals Nicola Lemelle
Kaleidoscope Muff
A Stellarlife Diane J. Standiford
MSLisasays.com Lisa Dasis
No Cure, Always Hope Duncan & Yvonne Booth (Personal Friends)
Girl with MS Caroline’s Blog
Miranda’s MS Blog Miranda is an MS nurse and a natural health practitioner

I now firmly believe that increasing your awareness of this debilitating disease can only help give you the reassurance that you are not alone. Multiple Sclerosis doesn’t have to be a death sentence. But, doing nothing will not help. There are many treatments to help minimise the symptoms of MS and your GP or neurologist will not always suggest the most appropriate course of action for your individual needs.

MS is very specific to each individual. There is no panacea or one-size-fits-all solution for your symptoms. You need to research the available treatments and make your own decision as to which might be most suitable for you. Please visit these other personal blogs to further your edification.

The Curation Process

This article was originally written somewhere in 2015. The oldest revision of the post I still have on file is June 2015.

I have been clearing out the majority of revisions I retain, as this is supposed to improve the performance of the WordPress Blog. A claim which I have my suspicions about. Yes a lot of retained revisions occupy space in the database, but I don’t believe the entire database is loaded every time a visitor visits a page on the site.

A more important aspect of the curation process, is to take the opportunity of rewording many of the posts tp improve readability. An important factor if the site is to rank well with the search engines. This was also an importnat consideration in changing the namer from MSblogs to Personal Stories.

That has nothing to do with curating the posts on my Blog, it is simply one of the many random observations I make as I work through any given task. It is also one of the considerations for continuing with this practice of thinning out these revisions.

Why do I curate the content on this Blog?

Well, as well as trying to maintain my own health, I also need to try and maintain the health of my Blog.

Curating the Blog content is vital to keep the Blog ‘fresh’ in the eyes of the visitor and in the eyes of the search engines.

Many of the early posts that I created back in the early days of my blogging career, were a little light in content. This being a prime example having had only just exceeded the Yoast SEO recommended minimum of 300 words, so I intend to, little by little, rectify this situation.

A prudent spring-clean

Therefore, it would be prudent to verify that the content I have on this post, is still valid and pertinent.

Navigating the journey of MS is still active. However, the latest update was complete last September.

A short in the Cord is another site still being maintaind. However, I noticed that I have referred to the site owner a being jean Wheeler. I am a dork, she is Joan Wheeler.

Lisa Emrich’s Blog  brass and Ivory is still alive and well, as is the lady herself. And her latest post was back in May this year.

Nadja’s Blog is still up, although she hasn’t posted for quite some time.

Carnival of MS Bloggers, another of Lisa Emrich’s sites is still on-the-go, which I was very pleased to see, as this is a gateway to many other MSers Blogs.

Everyone here is Jim Dandy is an award-winning Blog by Richard Boughton and is till very much alive and well. His latest post was just a few days ago.

Empowered MS is still looking good, and Cathy is still posting regularly. Dan and Jennifer Digmann have another award-winning Blog, and they too are posting regularly.

MS Views and News is a not for profit organisation with still functioning web site.

My new Normals is a nicely revamped WordPress Blog. Which is now a pleasure to visit.

More Personal Stories

Kaleidoscope Muff is still active with a post from earlier in the year.

A stellar life is still going although Diane is reporting difficulty with her dexterity and enunciation. Two issues I can relate only too well with.

The Blog MSLisasays is still running but Lisa hasn’t posted for a couple of years and the posts are closed to comments.

I know Duncan and Yvonne Booth personally. Which is why I know that Duncan Booth still has his Blog. And, his wife is responsible for much of the sponsorship that Duncan receives for his fundraising work.

Caroline’s Blog – A girl with MS is still active. I don’t know Caroline directly but we interact on Twitter.

Miranda is an MS nurse and she is another of my social media connection.

Housekeeping completed! I should not have been doing this today. It can be very easy to become distracted, a point I made in my challenge chronic illness post. I had intended researching mail providers to see about setting up a mailing list.

A new start for Personal Stories. This updated post marks a landmark in my blogging career. I now firmly believe I have enough information to sitch too blogging as a full time career.

External Links

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: The Evidence-based 7 Step Recovery Program

How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness: A Mindful Guide

Living Well with Multiple Sclerosis

The Sunny Side of MS Life

MS Accounts and Personal Stories

Patient Perspective Chronic Illness

Personal MS Blogs Multiple Sclerosis health with autoimmune disease

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