Private Prescription for Aimspro

Dickson Chemists based in Glasgow, Scotland have been dispensing large numbers of Aimspro on private prescription. They have special transport containers allowing the vials to be packed in dry-ice for shipment. Delivery can be made to, almost, anywhere in mainland Europe.

The price I have been given was in September 2006 so is out of date and irrelevant.

private prescriptionContact Details

Dickson Chemist
Home Delivery Service
35 Mitchell Arcade
Glasgow, G73 2LS


You should obtain a private prescription from a doctor in your own country. Send this to Dickson Chemist and, for non-UK residents, this prescription will be countersigned by a UK doctor (they cannot dispense non-UK prescriptions).

The countersigning doctor in the UK accepts absolutely no liability for the treatment, the original prescribing doctor must oversee the treatment, and be competent to do so.

Alternatively, patients may sign up with who will send the UK private prescription to Dickson Chemist. The patient must inform them of the competent doctor in their country. I have been informed that e-med will not, or may not, issue a script without seeing you in person. My thanks to Kathy for pointing this out.

Private UK prescriptions are VAT exempt, non-UK residents should be able to avoid import tax, provided the prescription is for their own use.

From a legal point of view, patients must be monitored during their treatment by a competent health professional. See the Daval website for more information. Daval consider it unethical to issue prescriptions without face-to-face contact with your doctor.

The Aimspro will be packed in dry-ice, contained in special transport containers, to ensure it is kept cool during shipment.

Latest Update

Aimspro seems to have dropped off my radar of late as I have seen very little mention of it recently but, to be honest, I haven’t been actively looking.

Thank you for visiting this post, have you seen my new product page?
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