Shawn Michaels is a self-professed geek who clearly loves, as the smart lad, climbing and WordPress.

What interest could I, as an invalided, nearly sixty year-old man, possibly have in a blog about climbing gear hardware and reviews?

Collaboration is the smart lad thing to do

Shawn Michaels reached out to me on Twitter, the other evening (UK time) asking if I would be interested in a reciprocal promotion arrangement.

Initially, I was sceptical, but soon decided that this may be an ideal opportunity for a collaboration that could work to our benefit.

I was both impressed and fascinated by the technical aspects of his blog and it was a subject I could happily condone as I also am an Amazon affiliate and have been a rock climbing enthusiast many years ago.

Shawn is, I assume, in Florida as he went to Miami Day college. I am not familiar with the Florida topography, but there must be many hill walking and rock climbing locations.

The collaboration deal is that I include a link to his site on a post on my site. This post having been written solely for the purpose, and he would promote my tweets to his good-sized Twitter following for a week.

No Money Involved

Surprisingly, this is a purely reciprocal arrangement with neither side having a direct financial contribution to make.

However, by promoting his site here, I should increase the traffic to his site which will improve the likelihood of his earning commissions for sales of his mountaineering equipment.

If he promotes my tweets the I, in turn, should be able to grow my own Twitter following and raise the profile of my own affiliate links.

So, it should be a win-win scenario. And the worse case outcome is, it doesn’t work and nothing happens. The exercise should not damage either of our reputations, so the risks are minimal.

Building Relationships

Old Man with MS collaboration with Smart Lad building relationshipWorking in an online environment, within the bounds of social media, and the wider community, requires one to build relationships with other like-minded individuals.

Now, of course, I have an ulterior motive! Smart Lad is using Amazon affiliate links to great effect, building his blog. I want to know which plugins and/or other methods he employs to achieve this.

If I can keep to my side of the collaboration agreement, maybe I can begin to build something of a rapport with Smart Lad and we can share our experiences with WordPress and Amazon.

Obviously, I hope that Smart Lad will read this post, I shall make certain he is aware of its existence. I’m sure he will have visitor tracking services on his blog so he will see wher his visitors are coming from and I hope that many of them come from here.

Where are the Links?

I’m glad you asked that question. Of course I haven’t forgotten the links. I have just been building up to the big crescendo.

Shawn Michaels is just a geek at heart.

So what better way to slip in a sneaky link to his blog.

Its well worth a visit if you are a fan of outdoor activities, as I was many years ago. Those of you who know me, or visit this blog regularly, will know that I am no longer able to go hill walking or rock climbing as multiple sclerosis has seriously limited my mobility.

As I have already intimated, my interest lies, nowadays, in the technical aspects of his web site, rather than the physical activity of scaling challenging mountains.

The Mountaineer in Me

I admit it, I no longer have the ability or desire to go Munro bagging these days. But I have climbed Ben Nevis on three separate occasions.

Ben Nevis is the highest peak in Scotland at over 4,400 feet and is actually the tallest mountain in the United Kingdom.

On two occasion I had ascended Ben Nevis by the tourist trail which although quite arduous is not especially challenging.

The third time of conquering Ben Nevis was by a far more difficult route. I, as part of an outward bound group, climbed Ben Nevis from the north side, under the guidance of experienced professional hill walkers.

These days, of course, I have a very different mountain to climb.

The Mountain that is Multiple Sclerosis

Defeating, or at least managing, multiple sclerosis is far more a mental challenge than a physical battle. And to be quite honest, I would far rather be out in the bitterly cold weather, trudging up some lonely mountain than sitting here whinging about my deficient brain.

But, as ever, I have meandered from my intended path and got lost in the quagmire of daily distractions. I am here to fulfil my commitment to promote my link to the Smart Lad Blog.

Please visit the Smart Lad Blog and be amazed at the power of a relatively simple WordPress site.

Collaboration is GoodA Question to a Smart Lad

Shawn Michaels you have a very impressive blog. How have you achieved this? I assume you use a specific WordPress plugin to produce the affiliate pop-ups; which plugin is this?

You may also use dynamic database queries using PHP to build your pages. As a casual visitor I cannot ascertain if this is the case.

Please leave a comment below this post; firstly ta answer my query and secondly to show our visitors that collaboration can work and deliver results.

Thank you for visiting this post, have you seen my new product page?
Smart Lad goes rock climbing with WordPress and Amazon

2 thoughts on “Smart Lad goes rock climbing with WordPress and Amazon

  • April 23, 2017 at 1:07 am

    One thing I wish I did when I started would be to listen to how my body was reacting to training and climbing .  To not push too hard as gains in ability come with time and injuries can set you further back than anyone wants to be. I wish someone would have spent time to teach me the importance of technique with body position movement, balance and momentum .  I think just having some solid coaching or teaching tips on that would have helped me climb at a higher level sooner.  I learned it all over time through trial and error and watching good climbers.  I learned a lot about the use of hands and feet, but not enough of the stuff mentioned I just mentioned.

    • April 23, 2017 at 8:06 am

      I hope this wasn’t a spam comment. I tried to verify its veracity but the taget web site is in a language I do not recognise.

      I have allowed it in the knowledge that I may consign this post to the trash very soon.


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