I do not remember how I came to discover posts online criticising Dr Terry Wahls and her Wahls Protocol dietary regime.

It should be noted now, early in this post, that I “fully believe in and support The Wahls Protocol”.

I do this to make my position and opinion perfectly clear. I had been following a Twitter Tweet suggesting that this dietary programme is a sham.

A statement I refute most strongly. I have followed the Wahls Protocol guidelines for over two years now. Not as stringently as I should have done at times. But followed it nonetheless.

Why am I not surprised to find negative posts online? There are always people who set their mission on finding fault in others. Nobody publishes good advice for purely altruistic reasons, so it must be a fraud!

Poppycock. Dr Terry Wahls is a doctor. It is in her DNA to publish her findings. That is what good doctors do.

What is the Wahls Protocol?

The Wahls Protocol is “A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions”. A claim proudly emblazoned on the book cover.

Dr Wahls herself has Multiple Sclerosis and was, some years ago, badly disabled by the condition. She decided to fight this disease. She is now free of all multiple sclerosis symptoms.

The doctor freely acknowledges that she still has Multiple Sclerosis. She has not cured the disease but, she has reversed the symptoms of this autoimmune condition.

Dr Wahls, as her title might suggest, is a doctor. And she decided that she had lost faith in conventional medicine and the teachings she had come to believe in.

Her own doctors had prescribed all the usual medications for her multiple sclerosis but nothing was helping. She decided to put her medical expertise to use.

Dr Terry Wahls decided that she needed to look beyond the symptoms. After all, symptoms are just indicators of a deeper malfunction. Conventional medicine is taught to treat the symptoms, not the cause.

At this stage, I should point you in the direction of Dr Terry Wahls own page About The Wahls Protocol. It is always better to hear the story directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Stephen Walker’s Wahls Protocol Experience

I jumped in to the Wahls Protocol with great enthusiasm. I couldn’t even wait to finish reading the book.

At this time, I have been following this dietary regime for a little over two years. I have not been as stringent as I ought to have been. But, nevertheless, I can feel the benefits.

I did, after my initial fervour, complete the reading of the Wahls Protocol. I found it a thoroughly good, informative read. And, I would strongly urge anyone with an autoimmune disease to purchase a copy. I would further recommend a detailed and diligent read of the book, to ensure that you understand it fully.

Dr Wahl’s Book : A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles

The above link is an affiliate link, which means if you use the link to make an purchase, I earn a small commission. I shall include the link again later in the post, so you don’t need to rush off immediately.

I think the one thing, above all the others in this book, that I found most helpful, was the explanation of mitochondria. For me, the explanation that ill-fed mitochondria would not produce energy, illuminated my understanding of chronic illness.

Now, all my symptoms made sense. It also made it clear to me that Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological illness. It is a disease of the brain. This latter fact, I had managed to overlook, or at least ignore the ramifications of until now.

I could not believe how stupid I had been. I had failed to connect neurology to my mind. Perhaps because MS had clouded my thinking. Perhaps because my specialists had failed to spell out the significance.

Or maybe, it is because my specialist thought it better to leave me happily and blissfully ignorant of what lay before me.

Now that I understood the mechanics of my body in a little more detail, thanks to Dr Wahls, I could begin to implement a plan to combat this invisible foe.

Anyway, I digress, as I often do. The Wahls Protocol is more than just a dietary regime. It is a lifestyle make-over. It is about making you take charge of your future. Yes you have a chronic disease, but this does not mean you have to suffer any more than you can need to.

By watching what you eat and taking care to avoid other food stuffs. You will be amazed at what a difference diet can make to your multiple sclerosis prognosis.

Banish the pills and visit your local greengrocer. Start to live again. I did it and so can you.

I can now work on my Blog every day. Plan my next marketing campaign and generally get enjoyment from what I do and feel like I am making a difference once again. It feels good!

A note from a practising dieter

The important thing to take from this, is that Dr Wahls is not a fraud. The Wahls Protocol is not a sham or a scam. It works and anyone who says otherwise has not tried it or not implemented it properly.

Dr Wahl’s Book : A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles

I think I have said all that I wanted to say at this juncture. Rant over, now I can go back to sleep and dream happy thoughts.

Nutrition is the key element of good health hence the Wahls Protocol

Fitness, Nutrition, Mind is a very interesting take on the whole-body approach to wellness with any disease or chronic illness. It resonated with particularly, at the time, which is why I wrote the article.

I would normally include a link to my symptoms page here, at the end of the post. But, I hope this article is more about being upbeat, and not dwelling on the possible aches and pains of Multiple Sclerosis.

So, go out and buy some fresh fruit and vegetables. Ditch the bread and cakes. Get some soy milk for your tea and coffee and feel your health come back to you day after day.

Some of these measures feel Draconian. No cheese, no ice cream, NO WAY. But hey, these are very small sacrifices to make to regain your health. Go on, give it a go.

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