A remarkable story of a young child who by the age of two weighed six stone and was unable to walk. Momo Syndrome is very a rare condition. Science believes that only three other people in the world suffer from this weight condition

Of the three people known to have momo syndrome there is one in Italy and 2 in Brazil.

Archie Thompson

When Archie Thompson was born, in June 2002, he weighed a perfectly normal 8lb 4oz but by 15 months he weighed 4 stone. And, by the age of two that had risen to 6 stone.

momo syndrome Archie Thompson
Archie Thompson

This has had a profound effect on his health causing breathing difficulties and already one heart attack.

The fear was that momo syndrome would limit the life expectancy of Archie Thompson to less than a year.

Momo Syndrome and the Six Stone Baby

His father Nigel Thompson was concerned and, in desperation, called in social services for help. The first they did was investigate Sarah for overfeeding Archie.

With the likelihood of overfeeding eliminated. Doctors needed to investigate further. Medical staff would monitor his eating. Despite being perfectly normal, he continued to gain weight at an alarming rate.

momo syndrome Nigel Thompson Sarah Thompson
Nigel and Sarah Thompson

In an attempt to understand the condition and the prognosis for the boy, Sarah Thompson travelled to Sao Paulo in Brazil to meet Danielli Furton.

Danielli is a girl of 17 who is also believed to suffer from Momo Syndrome.

Sarah Thompson is the mother of Archie Thompson. She lives in East Sussex with her husband Nigel and two other children, Millie 4 and Robyn 11.

However, Sarah met up with the girl, her mother and doctor, to compare notes. Momo syndrome was first observed by doctors in  Sao Paulo in 1993.

Momo stands for macrosomia, a combination of three conditions: obesity (excess weight), macrocephaly (large head) and ocular (of the eyes). Archie Thompson had a further abnormality, he also sported a third nipple.

Furthermore, despite having been extremely nervous about the meeting. Sarah was relieved to discover that Danielli did indeed appear to have exactly the same condition as Archie. Danielli was overweight and had misshapen legs. But, she was 17 years old and bright and cheerful regardless her condition.

Momo Syndrome: The future

Sarah spent a little time with the family to see how Danielli coped and was very encouraged. She returned home, to England, satisfied that even with his baby giantism, little Archie could have a future.

However, Doctors and the medical profession still do not fully understand how Momo Syndrome works but, now, will be able to watch Archie develop and learn from this very rare condition that only affects 1 in 100 million ….

The name Momo is an acronym of the four primary aspects of the disorder:

  • Macrosomia (excessive birth weight),
  • Obesity,
  • Macrocephalyty, (excessive head size) and
  • Ocular abnormalities.

While Archie Thompson has a form of weight gain, Alex Connerty is a primordial dwarf and is unnaturally small.

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