Writing and Fighting is a relic from the site that used to be called My Multiple Sclerosis:

Hi there! My Multiple Sclerosis was the Website and Blog of Stephen Walker a.k.a. the Spoonie Blogger. For a multitude of reasons and failing health, this site was retired to be replaced by this far more streamlined and abbreviated version you see now.

The original site was becoming unmanageable not least because it had been a multisite installation of WordPress. This complex site was suspected of becoming infected by some kind of disruptive virus.

It would have been possible to clean the site of viruses. But, because of the multisite installation, the cost of cleaning would have been prohibitive.

Furthermore, the possibly poor SEO optimising methods employed by the Spoonie Blogger, in the past, may have come home to roost. The page rank and domain authority which had been reasonably good. Are now, post Penguin algorithm update, almost non-existent.

It is the intention that any worthy posts from any of the many sites  that comprised the original site will be published in a brand new blog. Starting a new blog in this post Penguin world is going to be a massive challenge.

Of course, My Multiple Sclerosis is not the only one of my sites undergoing this makeover and transformation. www.stephendwalker.com also entitled the Travelling Blogger is going throught the same process.

What is the purpose behind this apparently mindless destruction of a Website? The death-knell of this Blog came about when I got my annual reminder to renew the hosting account for this WordPress Blog. The figure of £180.00 came as a wake-up call.

The site is no longer earning any money, so any expenditure was going to be difficult to justify. But, I know that I need backlinks for my new Blog. Could I trim the hosting costs and make them viable as my Backlink source?

Possibly, by reintroducing Adsense, I could open the door to making some small advertising commisions. This may be enough to offset my hosting charges.

I had been forced to remove the Adsense code from the earlier version of this site. I had been getting warning emails from Google about irregular activity on the account. This strenghtened my suspicions that the site had been hacked.

Writing and Fighting today

I am still torn about what to do with this blog. Is it going to be more realistic to rebuild this site or concentrate solely on my new site?

I had decided to ditch this site. But, walking away from it is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated.

This domain has a good number of backlinks, so any work should be from a running start. My new domain has had to start from zero and it is proving to be quite a challenge.

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