If you know me, you might ask; “Why are you discussing anorgasmy on a multiple sclerosis blog?”. I am an old man and seldom have much truck with orgasms. But, anorgasmy is a real symptom of MS. And this blog is here to discuss that very subject.

Anorgasmy, Anorgasmia or Frigidity in MS

Anorgasmy or anorgasmia is the inability to climax during sexual intercourse. It is different from frigidity which is the inability to become sexually aroused. The most common causes of anorgasmy are psychological in nature such as stress, anxiety and fatigue. Stress can often be brought on by the sexual act itself, when there is a preconceived expectation to perform.

Anorgasmy FrigidityThe use of certain drugs, alcohol and smoking can all bring about a failure to achieve orgasm.

Anorgasmy is, generally, more common in women where there could be other explanations:

  • Vaginism is the inability to perform sexual intercourse because of contractions to the lower third of the vaginal muscles.
  • Dyspareunia or coitalgia is a discomfort or pain suffered by women during sexual intercourse
  • Anafrodisia inhibits sexual arousal. Largely psychological in origin and not unlike frigidity

In multiple sclerosis, of course, the root cause is neurological. Nerve damage desensitises the genitalia and erogenous zones. If the feeling is dulled or missing then stimulation is not possible, ergo no orgasm.

Men experience erectile dysfunction which can be overcome with drugs like Sildenafil or Tadalafil, but this does not increase the sensitivity of the penis, and does nothing to make orgasm more achievable. It is also the symptom I experience and the reason I began to look further into this subject.

The Psychological Impact

The psychological element is still a major player. If you allow yourself to believe that you are not going to perform, then you can be sure you won’t. The neurological limitations are likely to cause anxiety, which will only make a bad situation worse.

The more I think about the role that psychology plays in multiple sclerosis, the less I am surprised by the convoluted symptoms it throws up.

I believe there are creams that can be applied to the sensitive regions to give increased sensitivity. I have never tried them or visited the sex shops that would sell them. At nearly sixty, I have simply accepted the fact that sex is probably no longer a part of my life. I have three grown-up sons, so the sexual act has fulfilled the procreation function.

Very rarely, the nerve lesions can give rise to a condition known as paraphilia. If the lesions occur in the right side of the hypothalamus it can alter the individual’s behaviour. Paraphilia causes obsessive and deviant sexual behaviour and, as such, is beyond the scope of this article.

Just before I conclude this post, I would remind you that multiple sclerosis symptoms can take many forms. My Plethora list may be a useful place to start:

My Multiple Sclerosis, A plethora of Symptoms

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