My wife and I love to holiday in Spain where we can relax and take in the local culture. It may seem that Benidorm is an unlikely destination to absorb the best of Spanish culture.

I was not the guilty party when it came to choosing this Mediterranean resort for our summer break.

However, wherever we holiday we will enjoy the travel and the new Benidorm sights.

Benidorm Recuperation

I have the preconception that Benidorm was a resort for clubbers, or hen and stag parties. So, I was a little reluctant to agree to the choice.

As my regular blog readers know, I have Multiple Sclerosis. A boozy, sweltering summer holiday would seem to the worst possible choice for any kind of recuperation.

If you are of that opinion, you would be quite right. Excess heat and alcohol consumption can both be very debilitating for anyone with Multiple Sclerosis. Of course, excess alcohol is bad for anyone.

For that very reason, I will be imbibing of the local beer only very occasionally. And, doing my best to avoid the heat of the day.

Any foreign travel requires careful planning to avoid unnecessary costs, delays and disappointments.

My initial impression of Benidorm is not completely groundless. We have encountered a couple of hen parties and a few rowdy revellers. But, overall there has been peace and quiet.

As we are both getting older the idea of clubbing and noisy parties is very unappealing. Quiet dining out and gentle walks along the beach are much more our scene.

Of course, the gentle walks are for the benefit of my wife. Multiple Sclerosis has quite badly diminished my mobility. So, I use an electric wheelchair.

Travel to Benidorm

You will find Benidorm, in the centre of the La Marina Baixa region, a popular Spanish resort on the Mediterranean coast.

We flew with Jet2 from Edinburgh. We have flown with this airline a number of times and found the service excellent. The disabled support they provide is on real noteworthy praise.

The Jet2 staff have so impressed us that I felt compelled to write a specific blog post.

Extolling the virtues of Jet2

We had an adapted taxi booked to take us and my wheelchair. The driver met us at the airport and the whole journey passed without incident.

Our first impression of Benidorm was not positive. But, taking the time to explore, revealed some better points to Benidorm.

Becoming a Travel Blogger

A couple of years ago, we were visiting Santa Ponsa in Mallorca and I had great expectations of documenting the whole experience for my Blog.

But, expectation is one thing, reality is often very different. Despite having made suitable enquiries in advance, our apartment DID NOT have wireless broadband.

This lack of connectivity meant we had lugged the laptop for no reason. It also meant that I had to make copious notes so that I could write the blog when we got home.

However the Mallorca Recuperation was written as planned. And I now had even greater plans for the Benidorm Recuperation and the accompanying blog post on my new dedicated travel blog.

Ideally, I could document all of our travels, and I very probably will. But, as we only take foreign trips once a year, this may take quite a long time.

Benidorm Highlights

Poniente Beach, Benidorm
Playa Poniente, Benidorm

Despite our initial horror at what we perceived to be concrete city, Benidorm does have some good points.

Perhaps the single most outstanding highlight, was the evening at the Benidorm Palace. We attended the cena espectaculo which translates simply as dinner show. But as ite was the 40th anniversary of the Benidorm Palace the show was spectacular.

The sound system, the lighting display, the dancers, even the orchestra were stunning.

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