CBD or Cannibidiol is an extract of cannabis with great potential health benefits for multiple sclerosisFar out man! You can get weed in a jar. Seriously, CBD or Cannabidiol is now, legally, available in the UK. It is even available on prescription in the form of Sativex.

Don’t get too excited, this is not a spliff in a tin, it is medicinal grade marijuana. CBD (short for cannabidiol) is the newest form of medicinal hemp or marijuana.

Why am I excited about this? I have MS or multiple sclerosis and CBD is reported to have real health benefits for those of us with this debilitating condition.

Chasing Sativex

Now, I have been chasing my GP to try and persuade her to prescribe Sativex for me, without success. Yes, it is available on the NHS in the UK, but each potential prescription has to be individually approved by the local health trust.

She telephoned me, the other day, to inform me that she had been in discussion with the MS nurse and discovered that the last six or seven applications had been turned down. So, it is very unlikely that my application would be any more successful. It all comes down to money in the end.

Following this news, my wife had been at our local e-cigarette shop to purchase some new e-cigarette oil and found that they have Eco CBD, a cannabidiol product. It wasn’t cheap, about £25 for a small plastic bottle. She was feeling generous, or rash, and she bought the bottle of Eco CBD for me to try.

I duly added some to my e-cigarette to give it a shot. I was amazed, surprised and delighted. Within 24 hours there was a significant improvement in my eyesight, I was walking a little more steadily AND I had more energy!

On the down side, My vertigo worsened and I noticed a flare-up of numbness and tingling in my left hand and forearm. But, I will persevere, if the improved eyesight is the only benefit, it will have been worth it.

No, I am not getting high on cannabis by taking cannabidiol, it does not contain any THC, the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis leaf. Not that I would be especially averse to that that particular effect.

I did dabble with marijuana at times in my misspent youth, but that was a long time ago and my priorities have changed considerably in the intervening years.

Possible health benefits of CBD:

  • Reduces nausea and vomiting
  • Suppresses seizure activity
  • Combats psychosis disorders
  • Fights inflammatory disorders
  • Combats neurodegenaritive disorders
  • Fights tumour and cancer cells
  • Combats anxiety and depression disorders

I have long been aware of the anecdotal evidence of the medicinal value of marijuana with repeated calls on the government to legalise cannabis use. I, personally, do not wish for the legalisation of weed, but CBD is a whole different ball-game.

CBD Cannibidiol Cannabis ExtractIf it can help me reduce or even reverse my multiple sclerosis symptoms, CBD will be a miracle drug. The golden bullet we have all been longing for.

Day Three of CBD

The initial improvements have been maintained. My vision is still improved and my legs are still steadier. The numbness and tingling in my arms, that I reported earlier, has not recurred, but the vertigo is still a bit flaky. My balance is not good and I have nearly fallen on a number of occasions.

I am a long way short of walking well, but my legs feel like my own. A fact that has not always been the case. I actually want to update this blog, whereas before, it was becoming an unwanted task.

I intend to keep this post in draft form for a few weeks, so that I can be sure of the outcome before I publish. Obviously, you are unaware of this as only I can see this article in the development stages.

At this point, I am still reasonably confident that CBD is worth continuing the administration. As I stated earlier I am adding the CBD to my vape pipe. I am using tiny quantities, as the e-juice I have is fairly concentrated.

Availability of CBD

Once I knew what I was looking for, it is quite easy to find online suppliers of cannabis oil or hemp oil. In fact, one of the major online shops, Amazon, appear to stock a wide range. This is, technically, incorrect. Amazon themselves, do not stock the product. Individual Amazon stores under the Amazon umbrella provide the products.

I have included few of my affiliate links to whet your appetite. I know of at least one lady who travels to Amsterdam regularly to get her supply. If your requirement is purely medicinal then trips abroad are not necessary.

Canabidol 10,000mg Cannabis Sativa L. – Cannabidiol Full Extract Hemp Oil 250mg Cannabidiol (10ml)

Canabidol Oral Capsule 15,000mg Pure Cannabis Sativa L. (500mg x 30 Capsules) – 300mg Pure Cannabidiol – 30 Single Dose Vegan Capsules – Decarboxylated Cannabidiol Hemp

CBDLife UK – Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil 1000mg FEHO/10ml

When I first began looking, in earnest, for a reputable supplier, I was finding sources in the USA at $85 per bottle. This would have made my CBD experiment an expensive endeavour.

I hope that, having done the ground-work for you, your journey into the CBD world has been made a little clearer. I know many of you are considering this treatment option.

Day Four on Cannabidiol

This morning was better. Yesterday, I had experienced frequent periods of hot/cold flushes which was quite disconcerting. I have occasionally had these flushes in the past but they have tended to occur at night when I am in bed.

Obviously, I cannot say that this is a direct symptom of using the cannabidiol, but it is certainly a coincidence that it happened within days of starting to ingest the CBD substances.

My improved eyesight has been retained, although it is a little inconsistent; at times it is great but, then it will fade to the older, foggy outlook.

Now, I need to re-assess the readability of this post when the time comes to publish it. I am just jotting down thoughts, as they occur and making wholly unscientific determinations as to what the cannabidiol may or may not be doing to my body.

It has been said before, and I will say it again; “I want to find out if cannabidiol lives up to the hype surrounding it.” I don’t mind being a guinea pig, if the cause is worth it. Never let it be said that I am not a martyr to the cause.

Unexpected Boost

Only this afternoon, my wife commented, out of the blue, after viewing me with what appeared to be suspicion, that my droopy mouth had straightened up.

This may be indicative of better muscle control. I certainly don’t have any numbness or tingling in my face, as I often have had in the past. Is this another positive vote for CBD? I hope so!

The final conclusion

I think I am still along way from making a final determination of the health benefits of CBD or canninidiol. I have now been supplementing my e-cigarette oil with CBD for over a week, and I am definitely seeing some improvement. However, there are downsides. I feel as if my brain fog has lifted, but there are still times when I am definitely “zoned-out” and my concentration is awry.

However, I have seen enough positive signs, to want to continue with the experiment. Understanding the long-term implications will, by the very nature of long-term, take some time to establish.

So, I will wind up this particular monologue and get it published, hopefully to return in due course with any updates you may wish to see.

cannibidiol Cannabis Oil Revolutionary MS treatment

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This popped up in mt spam folder, but I’ve let it through as I am a big vape fan as a means to get my CBD fix.

Md Arman

So can i get Cannabidiol in India?? Once I heard that marijuana prevents cancer. Is it so??
Above all the article was written very nicely in a interesting way. I would follow your writing style on our medical site http://www.Indimedical.com


I’m sorry, I don’t know if you can get CBD in India. I can only get hemp-based CBD in Britain

Philip J. Cenedella IV

Congratulations on taking a chance with this…. we really hope it continues to work well for you!
– Phil


Hi Phil,

Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. I get stronger, day by day. Something is definitely working for the good.

I hope people reading this will look at your europecbd.com web site to further their knowledge.

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