This article may contain affiliate links, but I couldn’t feature the Hairy Bikers new diet club without them.

It’s not often that I see an affiliate link that really resonates with me. But, when I saw the Hairy Bikers Diet pop up in my email one day, I just knew that I had to feature it.

Not because these guy are TV personalities, or that Si and Dave are fellow bikers. It’s not even that these likely lad are from Tyneside, where my family originates.

SADLY The Hairy Bikers Diet Club Affiliate Program is now closed.

I have kept this post for the sake of posterity. And, because it can still add some value to my blog.

The Hairy Bikers are promoting their diet club, and I’m very focused on diet these days. I don’t have any weight issues, or if I do it may because I weigh too little.

I focus in diet as a means of maximising my health. Diet is incredibly important to the health of each and every one of us. I am acutely aware, because I was, myself, for many years, not every one is fully aware of the critical role diet plays in their wellness.

So what is their diet club about?

It is about good food. Healthy food does not need to be fattening. Indeed, for the most part, good food is not fattening.

Did you know that many people in our modern, fast-paced, fast-food society are malnourished? Not under-fed, just badly-fed.

“Eat your greens, they’re good for you. You’ll grow up big and strong!”

Who remembers that piece of sapient advice from our mothers and grannies. Only now, in later life with the benefit of hind-sight, do I realise that mother is always right.

Any diet that expounds sensible, healthy eating is a good diet in my books. You may wish to try dieting for weight-loss reasons but I would suggest that your general health is a far more important factor.

Recipe ideas, exercise plans and an engaged community to help you stick to your weight loss plans and objectives.

Now, I don’t wish to sound like a broken record but, I came to the realisation that diet is paramount, too late to save me from multiple sclerosis. Indeed, diet may have played no part in my contracting this debilitating condition. But, diet is definitely helping me manage it now.

We are all unique, and we all react differently to our environments, including our diets. So like any other piece of advice, take it in a considered manner.

Suggested Reading

The Mansformation Diet: The black book secrets to men’s fat loss.

Diet Cults: The Surprising Fallacy at the Core of Nutrition Fads.

Nutriscribe: Adaptive Nutrition: No More Fad Diets.

Hairy Bikers

The Hairy Bikers Diet

Like many of you, I am a great fan of the hairy bikers on television. They started life as big, jolly, biker lads who were a little overweight.

They have realised the error of their ways and are now trimmed down to far better proportions. Which is what has inspired their diet club.

I have a vested interest in promoting good diet, not only because of the affiliate connection, but because I truly believe that changing my diet, avoiding dairy and gluten, has radically improved the prognosis of my multiple sclerosis.

And you don’t need to have a chronic illness to benefit from adopting a sensible diet. In fact, if you start eating healthily now and encourage your children to do the same, you and they may never have serious health implications later in life.

In general, fast food is poor food. Listen to your gut, not that your belly is especially vociferous but of all the body fat, belly fat is one of the worst.

The Diet Sales Page is taking shape

This is rapidly becoming a fairly standardised sales page. This was not my intention at the outset, but as I am promoting a product and indeed a lifestyle choice, it was inevitable that I would fall into this pattern.

Frequent placement of CTAs (Calls to Action) so that you can easily click through to the hairy bikers diet club sign-up page.

In the hope that their selling psychology is better than mine. I only promote products that I truly believe in and would happily sign up for myself. And the hairy bikers diet club is one such product.

I also only promote products and services that have a compelling sales page so that I don’t have to design my own sales page, a skill that I have yet to master.

The efficacy of this design approach will only be known if it works. The hairy bikers product has the advantage, from my perspective, of being a recurring fee. Many affiliate schemes are promoting a single product with a one-off commission reward.

Because the hairy bikers diet club is a membership scheme with a monthly fee, it has the potential of earning a small regular income.

However, that may be of no interest to you. You are interested in the hairy bikers diet plan. I am a great fan of their television adventures and culinary exploits. And I love many of their simple recipe ideas.

The Hairy Dieters: How to love food AND lose weight.

If the diet club approach is not for you, perhaps a book would be more to your taste (no pun intended) and the hairy bikers have published a number if titles that could fit the bill.

I have included a nice image link to one of their more popular and recent offerings in the hope that it may tickle your literary taste-buds.

Yes, this blog is predominantly about multiple sclerosis but, I do try to focus on general health and well being issues as well. Diet is key to good health and this is far from being my first post on the topic.

If you are a fan of the hairy bikers or if you share my view that diet is all-important then please share this post with you friends and leave a comment below. Assuming the comments are still open. I have decided, for the sake of my sanity, to close comments after a predetermined period to reduce my workload.

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