Holly Hapless a thwarted dream girl who would have been high maintenance.What began as an idea, grew into a blooming flower and then died the most inauspicious of deaths, to be buried without ceremony and consigned to the annals of lessons never to be learned from. Holly Hapless was going to be an Internet superstar with a huge fan base. She was going to be a world-famous brand to rival the likes of Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and Prada.

Holly Hapless would have had a solid social media presence with her own accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. In time she would have become synonymous with technical expertise in the fields of WordPress, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and all elements of social media marketing.

Brand Marketing a forgotten flash of brilliance that was Holly Hapless

Holly Hapless a forgotten dream
Holly Hapless

The wildly imagined, scatter-brained genius that Holly Hapless might have become was the brain-child of Stephen Walker. And she would have become his much adored alter ego for an experiment in creating a successful new WordPress Blog.

Holly Hapless

In the business of writing an article on the process of new Blog creation, it was deemed to be necessary to invent a character who could be the focus of a new WordPress Blog and web site.

Designing a new web site involves naming and branding the content of the site with due consideration of search engine performance and visitor accessibility.

Somewhere in the darker recesses of my MS-addled brain it seemed like a good idea to adopt the persona of a likeable, air-headed, technically savvy woman.

Holly Hapless seemed to be perfect. It was a name, a brand, that would perform well in search results; I had tested it extensively. I was easy to remember, it evoked the right level of person-ability and she was female.

My library of copyright-free clip art contained many images of the young lady who aspired to be Holly Hapless. Everything was falling nicely into place. There was just one small snag.

Holly Hapless was a woman, Stephen Walker is not. For the ruse to be successful Stephen Walker would need to write, consistently, in the style of a woman. Not an impossible feat for a well-educated, literate man. But not an easy goal for a mentally limited, brain addled old man with MS.

I read, regular advice form other Bloggers, of the need to write as yourself. Your personality should flow from your writing. Writing under a pseudonym would make that completely impossible.

Stephen Walker the honest Scotsman

I like to think of myself as a likeable, personable sort of a guy. It may be an opinion only I hold. But, I am an old dog who is very reluctant to learn new tricks.

Yes, I could change, if I wanted to. Everybody can change although many believe they can’t. But, I am not here to psychoanalyse you or me, I am only here to tell you a story.

It is the story of the birth of an idea; an ill-founded idea as it transpires. However, we all learn by our mistakes, and I make many of them.

Every cloud has a silver lining

For those of you who follow my Blog, you will know that I bang on about stress a great deal. I do this with good cause. Stress really impact on my MS to the point where it becomes debilitating.

Writing my blog is usually relaxing, it can be cathartic, it is a pleasurable pastime. BUT, when I begin to feel I MUST be doing it, thjat’s when the stress begins to creep in. So retiring Holly was just one more must-do task removed from my list.

Re-Branding Exercise

Holly Hapless domain name availability
Domain Name Availability

The above graphic shows one of the reasons I was attracted to Holly Hapless. The domain name wasn’t in use at all. All of the top-level name permutations were available.

Inventing Holly Hapless was done as a way of re-branding myself but, it would have entailed a complete change of mind-set along with another Blog to maintain and operate.

As dreams go, Holly would have quickly become a bit of a nightmare. What little energy I have would be far better used in improving this Blog. Let’s face it,a thorough face-lift would not be out of place.

But, re-branding is not just about the Blog, it is all of my online presence. So, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all need to be re-branded at the same time to retain the consistency of message.

In general, my branding is, more or less, consistent, as it stands so a complete re-branding my be unnecessary. I think what is needed is streamlining of the message. Perhaps changing the logos and header images on all social media platforms.

Goodbye Holly Hapless

So, is this the end for poor Holly Hapless? Not necessarily, one should never say never. I like Holly and I would be sad to see her go, so it is not impossible that Holly may make a cameo appearance from time to time, in the future.

I would love to be a story-teller or even a comedian; neither attributes are characteristics I am well endowed with. But practice makes perfect and perhaps Holly is more gifted in these department than I am.

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