I have long espoused the power of positive thinking. I have also been a firm believer in the power of the mind. If you think you have hope, you do have hope.

My name is Stephen Walker. My diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis came in 1994. The fact that my diagnosis was in 1994, in no way reflects that this was the year of the start of my chronic illness journey.

I have altered my view of what multiple sclerosis is, and the likely cause, many times over the years. Why do I have this autoimmune disease, and what can I do about it?

Despite still having questions after so many years with this disease leads me to believe that I should share.

At first, I thought I had just drawn the short straw. It was fate, bad luck or karma. Then I thought it was the fault of my parents; they had caused me to be malnourished as a child.

Slowly, I am beginning to realise, that it was not bad luck. I was not malnourished and my parents were NOT incompetent. It is possible that I was fed the wrong type of food. My body may have reacted to this incompatible food and my immune system reacted accordingly.

However, this is only speculation, as I have no proof to back up my theories. But, that is not the subject of this blog post.

Chronic Illness Hope

Hope for Chronic Illness a positive post oozing positivity

This blog has been my lifeline, in many ways. It has given me purpose, in a life that, at times, has seemed pointless.

Allowing feelings of hopelessness to pervade our thoughts is tantamount to admitting defeat. I may be many things but, I am not defeatist. And, that. I feel is the key.

Therefore, I am going to start talking health. The theory is that, the more often  I think of being healthy, the greater the likelihood of my being healthy. Consequently, the more I talk about being healthy, the greater your chance becomes.

There have been many studies into the power of positive thinking. Furthermore, this post would serve you better by being a simple gateway to useful information sources.

Positive thinking aside, I find it immensely difficult to write any blog post without mentioning diet. I read a lot about diet. I have started, faltered and failed with so many diets.

Also, I find that on some days I feel especially fatigued. And on those days I simply forget that I am on a diet. It’s a Catch 22 situation. I need to follow my healthy diet to improve my MS. I forget to diet because I have MS.

But, I must be positive. I will get healthy. If I adopt that as my mantra, perhaps I won’t forget. If I can do it, so can you.

The Psychology of Healing

So, together now, say it with me: “I will get healthy, I will get healthy, I will get healthy”. If we say that together, three or four times every day. We will find a way.

The psychology behind this message reinforcement, is that it ensures positive-thinking. By continually repeating a positive message, will lead us to decision-making that will bring about the desired outcome.

First of all, positive-thinking is not just about having pleasant, reassuring thoughts. It is also about making positive choices. However, by using the message repetition technique, making positive choices will become subconscious.

Finding your Hope

You will be making the correct choices without even thinking about them. Choosing your path to better health will become second nature. This post began with talking about hope. With positive-thinking and message-repetition, you will be making your own hope.

One of my objectives with this blog, is to publish positive, assuring messages about dealing with chronic illness. Yes, having a chronic illness sucks. But, I believe that, despite the obstacles, we must find a way to be happy and positive.

You make your own hope

So due to our need to stay positive, I ask you to think about your life:

  • How long have you had your chronic illness?
  • What drugs have you been prescribed?
  • Are those drugs having a positive effect?
  • Have you been given any dietary advice?
  • Do you see light at the end of your road?
  • Do you believe you can make a difference?

I do not intend to try to offer you advice. Each of us is a different person. And each of will require a different course of action.

Rather, you should decide on the best options for you. Much as I would like to hand you a magic answer that would give you hope. I cannot do that, I am still looking for my own ideal solution.

Because the answer is with you, you need to set about finding it within yourself.

First of all, find a mantra that will work for you. I will suggest a few that might work:

  • Me is an MS warrior
  • I can beat this disease
  • I have a brain, and I’m willing to use it
  • Defeat is not in my vocabulary

You are more than welcome to ignore these suggestions. Only you will know the type of message you need to reinforce in your subconscious memory.

Because our subconscious mind is beyond our normal, thought processes. So due to his form of isolation, message-repetition is the best way to alter your unconscious thinking.

Unlikely Positive Signals

As a complete aside, my wife and I visited our local discounter supermarket. This is of relevance only if you are interested in dietary improvements.

My wife wanted to get to the supermarket early this morning. The weather was a little wet and she asked if I wanted my wheelchair loaded into the car.

Loading the car, in the rain, is a tiresome task. And, I have had more energy since tweaking my diet. I have been walking more steadily and I was feeling more confident. So, the decision was made. I would attend the supermarket without my wheelchair.

As a result, we set off on our shopping expedition. I used the shopping trolley as my walking frame. However, I did wander around the shopping aisles independently of my walking frame on a number of occasions.

I had more energy. the shopping was more enjoyable, and I even spoke to other shoppers.

Author Summation

Since my realisation that multiple sclerosis is, effectively, a mental illness, I have written many posts on brain health and diet.

While your chronic illness may not be considered as a mental illness, your mind is still your most powerful ally. And if you can develop the positive thinking, you will also find hope.

I leave you with a few links to some of my related posts:

I often claim that writing this blog is a  cathartic operation. When I am reporting good news about my own health, I certainly get a boost and my hope levels soar.

Therefore, when I feel hope, it raises my expectations that I can communicate this feeling of hope to you.

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Roger Deuxmont

Good morning to you Stephen Walker, I was diagnosed PPMẞ in 1984 spending the next decade in either a hospital, a hospice or several other disability related institutions until after been rediagnosed RRMS in 1994 allowing me to self rehabilitate myself by using a Diet and Exercise regimen I personally developed using Diet & Exercise. I have been 95% Ambulatory since 1996

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