The plant polypodium leucotomos is a fern native to Honduras. Kalawalla and Rapuani are brand names for food supplements derived from the plant.

While neither Kalawalla nor Rapuani are intended specifically as MS treatments they do have reported benefits.

Kalawalla is sold as a supplement beneficial for sufferers of Vitiligo, a depigmentation condition where there is a genetic effect that makes melanocytes susceptible to injury. Others believe an immune system imbalance may cause the immune system to identify pigments as a foreign substance and therefore destroy it.

polypodium leucotomos kalawalla
Kalawalla Food Supplement

The polypodium leucotomos extract is understood to regulate the immune system and restore it to a healthy, strong, balanced position.

A number of MS sufferers have reported improvements after taking this supplement.

Kalawalla and Rapuani are food supplements, they are not intended or recommended as treatments for any condition including Multiple Sclerosis.

Since I first put this page together, I have received many emails asking about Kalawalla. It seems to have caused a great deal of interest, to the extent that there is now a dedicated official Web Site. UPDATE: The site no longer exists.

The question I am asked most often is where can you buy Kalawalla. While this is not a recommendation, I know it can be purchased from Organic Hope.  I have recently been pointed in the direction of Immunotrax which appears to be a variation of Kalawalla. My thanks to Arjan from Colombia for the info. Another link Arjan mentions is PLE (Polypodium Leucotomos Extract) which is marketed in New Zealand.

If you have any problems using Organic Hope as a supplier, please let me know and I will remove the, above, link. I have received three emails from people who are unhappy with Organic Hope, they do not believe Kalawalla works for them (everyone is different) and they have been unable to get their money refunded. The latest email was from a person who believes they suffered an allergic reaction to the Kalawalla, as they broke out in red spots on their forehead.

I think it must have been very remiss of me to have omitted this herbal treatment from my

Alternative Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis

because I now feel certain that polypodium leucotomos would qualify.

30 Jun 2007 – Since the above update, I have received another email from a gentleman in The Netherlands, who has attempted to get a refund from Organic Hope – without success.

29 May 2008 – I have since had several emails about Organic Hope: They don’t make the promised refund when it is tried to claim it.

21 Jan 2014 – I have revisited this page and the Kalawalla website. I may just give their product a try. The Organic Hope website no longer seems to list the product, so I have removed the link.

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