Mallorca, or Majorca if you prefer, is a holiday location we have frequented for a number of years. It is, generally, sunny and dry.  That said, when it rains – it rains. The locals are hospitable and in the places we have been, speak English far better than I speak Spanish.

Mallorca Spanish

Although, don’t be fooled. They speak restaurant English – that’s the English they need to take your order and your money, don’t expect an in-depth conversation about world politics.

Now, clearly, this is not a page about multiple sclerosis BUT, people with MS do travel, they do go on holiday and they will share and want to share their experiences about such travel and adventures.

In point of fact on one of our trips to Mallorca I met a young man at Palma airport while walking back to baggage reclaim. He was conspicuous as he was walking with two under-shoulder walking sticks. He then boarded the same transfer bus as we did and I volunteered him my wife’s seat at the front of the bus. It was on this journey that I learned he had MS and this trip was organised by his wife and was intended to provide him with 100% stress-free time. He didn’t even know which hotel they were destined for as this knowledge was deemed unnecessary to avoid him worrying about such trivialities.

We met them again the following morning when we went to Tony’s for breakfast. He was by this time in a wheelchair, presumably also organised by his wife.

Mallorca Majorca Mediterranean Santa Ponsa Puerta Pollensa Alcudia Cala Ferrera Holiday Destination
Mallorca Map


Mallorca Vitamin D Boost

The island of Mallorca is the largest of the three Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea: Mallorca, Minorca and Ibiza. The map, above, indicates the locations where we have stayed, on Mallorca, and include:

  • 1. Santa Ponsa
  • 2. Puerta Pollensa
  • 3. Alcudia
  • 4. Cala Ferrera

We have visited much of the island, by car or on organised bus trips. On one occasion my wife went to Inca by train where she got lost but, not before she found the big market there. We have been to the Pearl factory in Manacor, the Caves of Drac, the train to Soller though the hills and the pirates show in Magaluf.

Santa Ponsa

Did you know? I certainly didn’t. Santa Ponsa derives its name from a Roman villa called Sancta Pontia. It is where King James I of Aragon (Jaume in Catalan) landed on September 12 1229 in his successful quest to conquer the island and take it from the Moors.

This is pure coincidence that Portofino Apartments are on Avenida Rey Jaime I which translates as King James Avenue. It is also adjacent to the beach where there is a huge fiesta and a great march of the giants every September commemorating King James’ conquest

We have missed the last 2 or 3 years when we either didn’t travel or we went to mainland Spain or to France just for a change.

But old habits die hard and the allure of Mallorca beckons once again. On this occasion, however, I intend to do what I had hoped to do on each of my former visits but never got past the nearest taverna or ristorante. I intend to write about my trip! We shall be taking my electric wheelchair with us. Which should provide the much-needed incentive to get out and about. As well as the essential mobility. I have never flown with the electric wheelchair so there will be one new experience right from the start.

Flying from our Local Airport

We will fly from Edinburgh to Palma with Jet2. Ryanair are not my favourite airline after a bit of in incident in France a couple of years back. The Palma airport on Mallorca is also known as Aeroport de Son Sant Joan although you’re not likely to encounter that name on a tourist flight.

As my travel is likely to be limited by wheelchair accessibility I may not get too far beyond the bounds of Santa Ponsa. But I expect there should be plenty of scope for my journalistic, or periodístico, aspirations. There may not be many tourist sites in Santa Ponsa but there are many good restaurants and bars to be reviewed.

The visit will serve one other very important objective; to practice my Spanish language skills. I wish to pursue my linguistic studies for two reasons:

  1. I love to travel, especially to Spanish speaking countries.
  2. Learning a new language is proving  to be VERY beneficial to my MS-addled brain.

Porofino Apartments, Santa Ponsa, Mallorca

We will be staying at the Portofino Apartments in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca where we have been before. I believe these apartment have now been bought over by Jet2 Holidays and have been fully refurbished in the process. It is hoped that they haven’t changed too much. I will know more when we get there.

Santa Ponsa Street Map Mallorca Majorca
Santa Ponsa Street Map

This location map gives a very rough idea of the layout of Santa Ponsa, Mallorca which is about 30 -40 minutes in a taxi from the Palma de Mallorca airport. The Portofino Apartments are indicated. There is a lovely big beach at the end of the bay where the, often topless, sun-worshippers congregate. I personally don’t like sitting out in the sun and it is many years since I enjoyed playing on the beach. My step-son and I did rent a couple of jet skis in the bay on one of our earlier visits.

Health Benefits of Mallorca

The obvious health benefit from my point of view is the sun. Vitamin D is known to be beneficial for MS sufferers, indeed it has been mooted that a vitamin D deficiency may play a part in the development of the condition. Exposure to excessive heat can be a very negative influence, and I frequently experience Uhtfoff’s Symptom which can be most debilitating. However, the Spanish heat somehow differs from the Scottish heat that I am exposed to on the rare occasion we get it.

Paguera, Mallorca

Paguera is the neighbouring town to Santa Ponsa. During one visit, we were feeling very adventurous and hopped on a local service bus, to see where it would take us. Santa Ponsa is predominantly a Brit resort with the Scots in the west of the town and the Irish in the east. However, and it was a refreshing change, Paguera is very much a German resort.

For many years, I have looked forward to our foreign holidays not, primarily, for the sun and certainly NOT for the noise of the club scene but, for the FOOD. I believe diet plays a big part in managing MS and I fully intend to make the most of it.

A Mediterranean Diet is well-known to be a great health diet. Fresh fish, olive oil and the most amazing fresh fruit. It’s delicious, it’s nutritious AND it’s good for your heart.

By the time I’ve had two weeks in Mallorca, I’ll be returning home to take on Ben Nevis in the rain!

A word of caution

The Spanish people you will meet on holiday are friendly. But, the Spanish towns are no different to their UK counterparts. There are dishonest people everywhere. So, be on your guard for pick-pockets and bag-snatchers.

On one of our visits, I had hired a mobility scooter and we ventured out along the road towards the marina and stopped at a little bistro for a beer and a sandwich (una cerveza y un emparedado). I had left my scooter to sit at one of the tables in the sun.  I had parked my mobility scooter at the side of a table. My wife had placed her handbag in the carry-tray of the scooter. And a few moments of distraction were enough for a thief to lift the handbag.

It had our apartment key, our camera and some money. We, as a precaution, only ever carry the money we need for that day. So, it wasn’t as catastrophic as it might have been.

My travel insurance should have covered us. But, I needed to file a police report and the local police do not speak any English. It is a nuisance and a concern, so be alert.

Spanish Anticipation

I am looking forward to this trip. I hope to meet up with the Spanish acquaintances I made on previous visits. Although they have probably moved on since my last visit. We have never used Jet2 Holidays before but they have given the appearance of being well-organised over the telephone. We had to make special arrangements for the airport transfer because of the wheelchair. But, they have charged what I know to be the going-rate for a taxi journey. And they have refunded the cost of the coach transfer.

I am happy with the arrangement. I don’t like crowded coach transfers, that stop at every lamp-post en-route and queue for hours at the apartment reception. If we can jump in a taxi and be taken direct to the apartment. Then, hopefully miss the queue at the reception.  – Perfect.

While all of this sounds lovely and highly organised. Experience tells me that the reality is likely to be very different. I am not expecting another wheelchair catastrophe, I expect a trouble-free, relaxing and stress-free holiday. What I get may be very different.

We had hoped to go back to Nerja near Malaga in July. But, the flight costs at that time of the year were prohibitive. So Mallorca won out, and now that it has, I am very positive about it.


I spend a lot of time researching these posts. If anything has been omitted, or I have made a mistake then please leave a comment I would love to hear from you. Comments remain open for only a limited number of days, a security consideration, after a post is published.

The embedded images in this post are optimised for Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. So, please feel free to share them. And, please leave a comment if you have been to somewhere as delightful on Mallorca.

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