It is that time of year again. No, not spring, but it is still time, there is always time, for curating some of my older posts. The article about my mobility scooter is no different. As part of the spring-cleaning process, I dust down the article to see if it is still relevant and meets the SEO requirement of the Yoast SEO plugin.

Strider Mini 4 Mobility Scooter

I took delivery of the Strider Mini 4 scooter in August 2006 and find it a real boon to getting about. It has a range of approximately 10-12 miles, which I have not yet tested, and probably never will. It is good for about 4mph.

I discovered a problem, early on, where the anti-tilt wheels fitted to the rear of the scooter would ground at the slightest provocation. The streets in the area where I live cater quite well for disabled access, with ramps at most street corners. Some of these, however, still present a step of perhaps one inch which was too much for the scooter. My local bank has access ramps, but these too proved to be too steep.

mobility scooter
Strider Mini 4 Mobility Scooter

The final straw came when I attempted to mount one of the ramps, the scooter grounded and got completely stuck. A good Samaritan came to my rescue, in the shape of an elderly gentleman with a walking stick! Embarrassed! I’ll say.

Straight home and out with the Allen Keys, the anti-tilt wheels were coming off despite the warnings against this in the owner’s manual. I have had no trouble since, nor has there ever been any sign of it tilting over backwards.

On a recent holiday I rented a scooter, a Shop-Rider which was like the Strider in many respects, but it had better ground clearance and I think was a bit faster.

Do you think about the legal requirement of your scooter?

More recently I was made aware of a newspaper article suggesting that many mobility scooter users may be breaking the law.

However, while there is truth in the article it is not quite as bad as it may be made to appear. I have consulted the related government documents and find that I and my mobility scooter do comply.

FOOTNOTE: Since I began taking the Esperanza Neuropeptides I have been walking far better and have since sold the mobility scooter and my friends have stopped singing ‘Born to be Wild’ when I go to the club. Sadly, the use of Esperanza has been discredited and I no longer use it.

However, My new-found mobility didn’t last too long. I now have a powered wheelchair; a Betterlife Aries model. I was fortunate, in being gifted this wheelchair by a friend who was upgrading his chair. It is great, but it is not my Mini Strider.

Purchasing the Strider Mini 4 Mobility Scooter

This is not an advertising link as I am not an affiliate of the company concerned. Hower you can buy the Strider Mini 4 mobility scooter from ScootaMart for the princely sum of £1,630.00 (correct as of Aug 2017). I am positive I paid nothing like that for mine, although I bought mine quite a few years ago.

I only include the link as Yoast SEO likes to include at least one external link on the page. Of course, for the link to have any value, in search terms, it must be a relevant link to the post topic.

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