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Hi, welcome to the Writing and Fighting Blog. The Website of a spoonie blogger conducting a Pinterest Traffic Experiment.

I have created a Pin Graphic to see if I can entice you to visit this post. Not true! I have actually created a Pin Graphic to test that publishing the Pin via Buffer.

What is Buffer?

Scheduling your social media output is the objective of many online tools. And, that is precisely what Buffer will do.

I like Buffer because it is simple to use. But, it can achieve superb results. Furthermore, recent updates have extended the number of social media platforms that can be supported.

Pinterest Traffic Experiment

Pinterest is reputed to be the image-sharing Website with the ability to drive huge traffic to your Blog.

Now, that is a huge temptation for the spoonie blogger. However, I am also a cynic. I no longer believe everything that I read on the Internet. It is getting to the stage where I don’t want to believe anything written for the Web.

There is always an ulterior motive. Why is anything written for the Web?

  • Sharing valuable knowledge
  • Making money
  • Causing mischeif

I am of the opinion that most content is designed to attract attention. And, that is fine. But, when it is click-bait it is just annoying.

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reading footer

Annoying Click Bait

When you are publishing content with the sole purpose of getting clicks without providing anything meaningful information. It can be construed as click bait.

The main purpose of most bloggers is to get clicks. Visitors are the life-blood of their Blogs. Are we producing click bait?

I sincerely hope not. I, for one, like to think that I am sharing useful feedback about life with a chronic illness.

But, in the words of the great Ronnie Corbett, “I digress”.

It is time to get back to the subject in hand.

Reverse Psychology

I have created an attractive, I hope, Pin Graphic, advising you not to click through to this post. If you are reading this then you chose to ignore my advice.

However, I will have achieved my objective. Which was to ensure that a rich-pin published by Buffer did display correctly as a rich-pin.

However, it will not have been a Tasty Pin because I haven’t purchased a Tasty Pin Licence for this Blog. Nor am I likely to. This Blog has been infected with a virus and because it is a multsite WordPress installation, cleaning it of viruses would be prohibitively expensive.

Furthermore, this Pinterest Traffic Experiment was never really about achieving visitors from Pinterest, or anywhere else. It was to test publishing Pins via Buffer.

You live and learn. Any future Blogs will be securely fenced in by a Web Application Firewall.

Nearly all posts from this Writing and Fighting Blog have been retired. A decision was takem that the phoenix should rise from the ashes in the form of A site that would, deliberately not focus on the pharmaceutical treatments for MS.

Therefore, one of the few surviving posts here is about Solifenacin bladder treatment.

Of course, this post contains affiliate links and if you follow one of these to make a purchase, we recieve a small commision at no extra cost to you.

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