Welcome to my Multiple Sclerosis health awareness blog. You have just clicked the site link on my Pinterest profile and I am delighted to see you come here to see what I blog about.

Welcome! good Pinterest user

How do I know you came from Pinterest? Because, I took action on a very useful tip I read on a blog I found using Pinterest myself.

This invaluable tip was, like all the best tips, a simple tip to make a small change to your Pinterest profile to provide a dedicated landing page for your Pinterest followers. This way if any of your followers click through to your blog they have a concise summary of what you blog about without having to sift through your latest posts to try and figure it out.

A dedicated Pinterest welcome post

This is my dedicated Pinterest welcome landing page and I have set the meta robots flag for this post to “nofollow” so it can only be reached by clicking on the link from my Pinterest profile.

I have also hidden this post from the normal navigation routes so, it should not be available for discovery by the normal WordPress method.

I love Pinterest and I love using Pinterest. Why?

  1. It is a great source of traffic
  2. Pinterest is a fantastic source of information

If you love this fantastic Internet resource and you want your Blog to fly, as I’m sure we all do. Check out Pinfinite Growth a superb eCourse from Melyssa Griffin. I use Melyssa’s fantastic teaching/mentoring courses for much of my blogging knowledge.

Yes, there are many eCourses available online and I suspect many of them are created by Melyssa Griffin students. I know I am astounded by the detail she provides not only in her courses but also in the many fact-filled webinars she hosts.

About Stephen Walker

You came here to find out what I am all about. I have Multiple Sclerosis, a debilitating autoimmune disease, which I was diagnosed with in 1994. In a former life, I was a telecommunications engineer, I was an electronics test technician and I was a computer programmer – not all at the same time! Oh! And I was a department manager for a few years. I ran the Scottish office for a computer maintenance company.

All distant recollections, fading quietly into that grey area I call my memory.

I am married to a wonderful, supportive wife. I have three sons, a step-son and a step-daughter. Between them I have six grand children, and counting.

I blog about health awareness issues, primarily Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia. Why Fibromyalgia? I have a step-sister and a good friend who both have Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis have much in common sharing many of the same symptoms. They are both considered to be autoimmune disorders, so I can relate to both conditions.

If you wish to know me further, I have a more general Welcome page, as well as the ubiquitous About page. Why do I have both? Mainly an oversight and a lack of planning in my early blogging days.

More recently, I had become obsessed about my brain health and what multiple sclerosis was doing to my cognitive function. A series of consultations with my psychologist have managed to get me to put that particular genie back in the bottle and allowed me to move on and worry about other areas of health.

I do tend to focus more on recent issues, and I do have a tendency to become tenaciously attached to any given topic of the moment. No, I am not obsessive! OK, maybe I do concentrate a little too much on individual subjects at any given time. But, I am NOT Obsessive! :-).

At the moment I am working on being obsessive about:

You will note that I do not have a link to a Cannibidiol page. This is because I am still evaluating/researching the substance. And, at this stage, I’m not certain I want to publish a post on the topic.

Just before I wrap up this post, I have a favour to ask. I found this tip on a Pin by Jeni Elliot, so thank you Jeni you are a great help. Jeni can be found on her site as Blog Maven so please pay her a visit.

And a final word. If you are serious about maximising your potential on Pinterest then take a look at Pinfinite Growth. I think you will be very interested in finding out what you can achieve with this powerful tool.


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