Droopy Mouth Indicative of a stroke! No.

A drooping mouth is often construed as indicative of a stroke. However, it is also a feature of Multiple Sclerosis accompanied by numbness and tingling in the cheek or scalp. Interestingly, the above link to the Heart and Stroke Association lists a drooping face as the first sign of stroke.

Stroke Symptom Stroke Symptom
Lop-Sided Smile

I may have exhibited this symptom for many years but, it was not until I tried to take a new selfie for my Twitter Profile that I became aware of how pronounced the facial drooping was. I had been trying, quite deliberately, to put on a smile and found that I couldn’t. The left side of my mouth just would not curl up in the manner that I felt it was.

This is, clearly, down to a lack of muscle control and I am not surprised that this in conjunction with my, often, slurred speech leads people to think I am either drunk or demented. I am not having a stroke. I know what a stroke looks like, my sister died a few years ago after having a massive brain haemorrhage and spending many months in intensive care, to no avail.

You may still smile with MS

On a lighter note it does not incapacitate me, although other of my MS symptoms can and do from time to time.

It is not unusual for multiple sclerosis suferers, or MSers, to have speech difficulties. Slurring of words and difficulty recalling words, are frequent manifestations.

I am sure there must be people with this problem but, they like me, may not be aware of it and they may not attribute the problem to multiple sclerosis..

Multiple Sclerosis is NOT a death sentence; life is! We all face many tribulations in life and we will all age and, ultimately, die. It is not something to be morbid about. Life presents many challenges, overcoming them is a reason to be happy; so smile, even if your smile is a little crooked.

SMILE, if you can, even smiling inwardly will make you feel so much better! My wife has been looking at Mallorca holidays again. That should be a reason to smile. I am not trying to make light of a stroke, it is a serious incident with horrifying consequences.

This is a very short post, due primarily to lack of research and planning. I had noticed my droopy face while trying to take a selfie for a web profile and felt compelled to write about it.

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Thank you for sharing your picture. I have bilateral trigeminal neuralgia. I was diagnosed with it it 2010. I have many symptoms of MS but have not been diagnosed with it. My smile is something that has bothered me for a long time time. It’s one of those things I just don’t bring up at my appointments. When I saw your picture….well that’s exactly what my smile looks like. Maybe I’m not going crazy!!


I’m sure you are not going crazy. I guess nobody’s smile is perfect but you are who you are and I am who I am.

Strangely enough some people like me and it is certain that many will like you.

MS symptoms can occur in other conditions, so don’t be too hasty in trying to diagnose it – you don’t want it, MS Sucks

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