Temazepam and not temazapam, as I was incorrectly calling it in an earlier version of this page, is a drug of the family benzodiazapine and is not an opiate as I mistakenly thought for some time. It is primarily an antidepressant but is often used as a sleeping pill, and for pain relief.

It is often branded as Restoril and can be used for the short-term management of insomnia.

My experience with Temazepam

Temazepam Sleep Aid Insomnia ManagementI have great difficulty sleeping. This began many years ago and I would resort to an extra couple of glasses of wine in the evening. This was counter-productive as alcohol inhibits sleep. It work for a limited period but was, clearly, not the answer.

Monoclonus (jerking legs) became an increasing problem compounded by stomach and groin pain. I was prescribed amitriptyline which was unacceptable. While it did give me a good night’s sleep, I was so groggy the following day, I could not function at all.

Temazepam did not exhibit these down-sides. It calms the monoclonic jerks and takes the edge from the pain and knocks me out nicely. But, it does not last. The efficacy of Temezapam and, I guess, al the benzodiazapine drugs lessens as the body becomes used to them.

I began on a 10mg dose, which knocked me out quickly and efficiently. I now take 20mg tablets which only sometimes produce, what I would call, a good night’s sleep.

Otherwise, side-effects are minimal although I will speak to my GP as this is a highly addictive drug and I am keen to explore alternatives.

Temazepam is Addictive

It is now nearly 2 years that I have been taking Temazepam and my GP is surprised it is still having any effect. She had warned me that it would lose efficacy over time.

This has proved to be the case. I now take a 20mg dose, the maximum that can be prescribed and so I am keen to find an alternative solution.

Temazepam is a benzodiazapine and is, primarily, an antidepressant but it can be a sleeping aid or a pain reliever.

I still find Temazepam essential to get a good night of sleep. I am concerned, however, that a drug-induced sleep can never compare to good natural sleep.

Alternatives Suggested

My GP suggested Amitriptyline, a drug I have used before. She obviously hasn’t checked her notes. It is a drug I found very good at promoting sleep, but also very good at leaving you groggy all the next day.

I declined trying Amitriptyline again, and the weaker version Nortriptyline.

Instead, I will be trying Gabapentin or Baclofen. My GP would prefer me to try Gabapentin first, so that is what we shall do. I shall provide updates in due course.

Temazepam for a Good Night Sleep with Minimal Side-Effects

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