A freak shooting accident at work, where Ahad’s boss knocked a fire-arm to the floor, resulted in the gun discharging, hitting Ahad Israfil in the head. The shot quite literally blew his mind.

By rights, Ahad Israfil should have died, but doctors and surgeons at the hospital where he was in intensive care were amazed when, after a five-hour operation, the 14-year-old regained consciousness and tried to speak.

Plastic surgeons used a plastic implant to fill the hole in his skull where the brain had been and stretched his scalp over his new skull.

Incredibly, not only did Ahad Israfil retain sufficient mental faculties to speak, walk and live a normal life, he managed to graduate from his local University with an honours degree.

Freak Shooting

This demonstrates the remarkable recovery abilities of the human brain and experts believe that studying the regenerative powers of the brain cells may lead to treatments for other brain-related problems such as Alzheimer’s disease.

reak Shooting blows Ahad's mind

However, Ahad was young, at the time of the accident, and his brain was still developing quickly. This may well have contributed to his remarkable recovery from the loss of an entire hemisphere of his brain. The remaining half of the brain would have assumed the role lost by the missing portion. Rewiring the neural connections to compensate for the loss.

And the human body can exhibit extraordinary powers of recovery and regeneration when faced with life-threatening dangers.

Brain Recovery Potential

The brain assumed to have completed development in the teens has since been shown to continue adapting. To a changing environment throughout adult life and even into old age. A truly revelatory state of affairs and all the more reason to nurture your body and mind at all times.

However, this story of remarkable recovery after his freak shooting accident. Has reaffirmed the author’s belief in the incredible plasticity of the human brain.

Furthermore, it is the considered opinion of the writer, that the human brain has the ability to continue growing. And expanding throughout adult-life. You may have heard the hypothesis that we only use 20% of our brain capacity.

And it would appear that scientific thinking now supports this supposition. The idea that we all have a substantial neural reserve gives hope to MS sufferers who contend with regular episodes of brain fog.

Maintaining a healthy brain is essential to prevent and delay the onset of age-related dementia. Learning a new skill or a new language develops new neural connections and helps to utilise this neural reserve.

But, Ahad Israfil may have had his mind blown but, Gregg Valentino is the man whose arms exploded!

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This report came from a Channel 5 documentary entitled “101 Things Removed from the Human Body”.

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Mind-blown by a freak shooting accident

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