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I woke this morning in a state of some confusion. My night’s sleep had been poor and was punctuated by some worrying dreams. My inner voice has been nagging me about email affiliate marketing, of all things.

I had received an email from someone on my mailing list telling me that my email marketing was sll wrong. I had been promoting products of conflicting purpose on a campaign without consistency or direction.

However, the email had not been the usual angry email from a dissatisfied customer. It had been a gentle guidance note pointing out my mistakes with possible remedies.

Not unsurprisingly, I was very concerned. I resolved to reply to the email thanking my kindly benefactor for the words of wisdom.

But, with these wild thoughts milling around in my mind I tottered downstairs to accost the coffee machine.

Inner Voice

Coffee quiets the Inner Voice

Who was this inner voice? Had it been my fairy godmother, or my guiding spirit? No, it had only been a dream! Well, a nightmare given the terror and confusion it caused.

As I slowly recovered my composure and the caffeine began to stimulate my cerebrum. The picture began to resolve and make some semblance of clarity.

It was with a sense of great relief that it dawned on me. I hadn’t received any email. I don’t run any email marketing campaigns. It was all a silly dream!

But, it was a silly dream with frightening consequences. How so? It’s not so many months since I wrote a blog post suggesting that I might be suffering from dementia.

This was a tongue-in-cheek dig at myself. However, it now seems that it may have been more premonition than suspicion.

I remember, many years ago, thinking that MS could take my mobility, my dignity or even my vision. But, it wasn’t going to get my brain. Oh, how wrong had I been.

The Purpose of Rambling

The main reason for rambling is, in most cases, a way of exploring the countryside.

However, my MS legs are not really able to tackle long walks in the rustic wilds. So, my rambling is limited to sharing my somewhat disjointed writing.

My reasoning is that, by exposing my insecurity and mental frailty, may give hope to another MSer who is equally perplexed by their troublesome thinking.

Cognitively Challenged Response

Being cognitively challenged presents a whole new landscape of problems to be surmounted. And, in my opinion, one of the first steps we nust take on this perilous journey, is to begin talking.

Now, it had never been my intention to publish this post, or any posts on this Blog. I had resigned myself to the fact that I has lost this Blog, for reasons that I shan’t elaborate on for the moment.

However, the lure of Blogging fame is hard to resist and even harder to achieve. So, I will keep coming back to it to tinker a little.

Of course, my nightmare might have been triggered over my concerns with backlink building.

Affiliate Promotion

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The Inner Voice confuses the Cognitively Challenged

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