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The World Wide Web contains almost limitless resources for all subjects. I have pulled together some links to multiple sclerosis resources I have found interesting or useful, and I hope you will too. I have tried to include multiple sclerosis societies and trusts, web directories which have categories for multiple sclerosis and also personal web pages giving an individual account of multiple sclerosis and alternative treatments.

Societies and Trusts

National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Multiple Sclerosis Society (UK)
MS Society (Scotland)
MS Trust
International Federation
The Myelin Project
The Myelin Project UK
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
MS Society of Australia
MS Society of New Zealand (Auckland)
Accelerated Cure Project
eMedTV Video Collection


Healing Well covers all manner of diseases, disorders and chronic illnesses including multiple sclerosis

Chinese Medicine Directory is a directory of Web sites covering ancient Chinese medicines and treatments, but also all manner of conditions and ailments.

Dynamic Directory Lots of good, interesting personal accounts, different ways of dealing with multiple sclerosis and just some good looking sites.

Diseases & Conditions A fairly comprehensive directory of many conditions including multiple sclerosis

Personal Pages (Not mine)

Ivonne’s MS Homepage tells of the despair and fear upon being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her story is about hope, courage and possibilities and a desire to share her experience with you. Don’t worry if it appears to be in German, there is an English section.
Betty’s House … A Life After MS Betty Iams wishes to share her very positive experience of multiple sclerosis despite her fears and anxieties felt at diagnosis. She has developed a successful holistic management program which she hopes will be beneficial to all who visit.
Janie McDowell has tried a large number of treatments including chemotherapy! After much caution, and having the idea belittled by doctors and dentists alike, she had all her amalgam fillings removed and began a course of chelation. Read the outcome for yourself.
Donna Chandler discusses the most unusual, most unlikely and most unbelievable treatment for multiple sclerosis that I have heard yet. Not that I am a sceptic, even if it works I’m not sure I fancy trying it.
MS Rebel has lots of alternative treatments and lots of links to other sites.
Vixpix This is one for the gentlemen visitors. Alternatively titled ‘Tits out for Multiple Sclerosis’. One lady’s unique approach to fund-raising for MS. One can only say “very well done!” and very stimulating too! Not for the prudish or the young. This lady has a serious sense of humour, I like her already!
A Life After MS is Sylvie’s story of her recuperative trips to Florida and her remarkable fund raising trips to Snowdon and her parachute jumps.
Homer the Greek’s Personal Site His own journey with MS and his experience and belief in the Dr Klenner Protocol.

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