This is a site map that is not a site map! My Multiple Sclerosis: A Personal Account has been migrated to this WordPress blog which should not need a site map as all of the original pages have been transformed into WordPress posts.

My Multiple Sclerosis Network Map

The original site had a number of non-MS sections and these will be migrated to individual “child” sites within this WordPress network of sites. In time, as the migration completes, links to these “child” sites will appear here, on this site map,  as follows:

This page is, therefore, not a site map but a network map!

Site and Network Map

The migration to this WordPress platform was done for a number of reasons:

  1. To make the site mobile-friendly
  2. The webmaster now has the opportunity to refresh and update the content
  3. To improve the experience for the visitor
  4. The ability to provide a landing page for redundant pages from the earlier site

This site map page replaces the original site search page as this page along with most of the other posts on this installation, contains a search box at the top of the sidebar.

At present, the site listing is not alphabetical as the sites are being added as they are being migrated. This is in an ordered manner; it’s just that the order is at the whim of the webmaster.

Other reasons for coming to my network map page

It may be that I have directed you here in the hope that you will take the time to “explore” more of my site(s) for which the reasons are manifold:

  • To increase the exposure of the posts I have spent many hours preparing.
  • So that you stay on the site rather than bounce-back to the search-engine you came from
  • Improve my traffic statistics.

Whatever the reason, I am pleased you have come here and I hope to see you return often.

This is not a page that needs to be updated too frequently. But, following a recent Google algorithm update changes were essential.

This is now a secure site. And, hopefully, all posts and page now show the “padlock” icon in your URL area. This should not have been a huge update, but, this is not a standard WordPress site. It is a Multisite and that required a LOT of manual updating.

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