Stephen Walker MS Multiple Sclerosis Autoimmune Disease ScotlandWho is Stephen Walker? Where is Stephen Walker from? How long has Stephen Walker had MS? All this and more in about Stephen Walker, if you should be interested. It is unlikely that you will know me but my online persona is very friendly and I am always happy to discuss matters to do with Multiple Sclerosis as I believe a problem shared is a problem halved.


About Stephen Walker
The Sufferer and the Suffering

I am not medically qualified, so this web site is purely a record of my experience with Multiple Sclerosis. Any observations I make are only my personal opinion, my personal account.

I was diagnosed with the condition in 1999, although I suffered my first identifiable attack in 1994. However, as I discovered, one attack is sclerosis and it needs a second or subsequent attack  before the specialists will confirm a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. A sclerosis is a scar on the nerve fibre in the spine or the brain si I would have thought multiple scars or lesions ought to have been enough to make the diagnosis.

With hindsight and more awareness of what this disease is doing to my body, I think there were signs, just little hints, of what was to come from a very young age.

The Early Symptoms – Stephen Walker

My first indication of MS was from a tingling sensation in my lower arm and a numbness of my fingers. I put this down to a trapped nerve knowing full well what it may be. I knew because my mother had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis many years earlier. But denial is a wonderful thing, and while treating the symptoms as a trapped nerve by my chiropractor seemed to ease things, I was happy to continue.

My mother suffers from Relapse/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis as I do, or did, and there is talk that the condition may be hereditary, passing from mother to son or father to daughter. Which may have some validity, as my two sisters do not suffer from multiple sclerosis.

I hope that I have been honest and forthright in putting this account together and that my personal experience, in some small way, might help you or a fellow sufferer. What is it they say? “A problem shared, is a problem halved!”. Well, be that as it may, sharing is good. I hope you agree.

MS Support

I live in Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland and I know of several other MS sufferers in the area. However I am sure there are many more I don’t know about and I would love to hear from you if you are reading this. There are no dedicated Multiple Sclerosis treatment facilities near here, but there are hyperbaric units in both Dundee and Edinburgh which I have recently had recommended. I have yet to try them out. Cameron Hospital in Windygates has a rehabilitation unit with a dedicated MS Nurse, whom I visit regularly and also attend physiotherapy at the same time.

I came across, what I consider, a bizarre link on Google, to an article suggesting that Multiple Sclerosis may be triggered by sexually transmitted infections, seemingly based on a study which compared the occurrence of MS with levels of promiscuity in various regions. I consider myself monogamous and have never had a sexually transmitted disease and yet I have contracted MS, and I’m sure MANY others would say exactly the same. Bah Humbug! I say, but then I say that quite a lot!

To read the full article on the BBC News site. click HERE.

Did you know that the word sclerosis is derived from the Greek work skleros meaning hard. The German form of the word is sklerosis from which you can see the derivation. During an idle moment, I tried out various typing errors and variations to see what the search engines returned, and was surprised at just how many sites were found for Multple Scerosis Mltiple Sclurosis and Multipel Slerosis. Now of course, this site will also be found and visitors will think I am a dyslexic typist. (Just another symptom to add to my list!)

Always looking to broaden my linguistic horizons I have looked up a number of translations of “Multiple Sclerosis”

  • French Sclérose en plaques
  • German Multiple Sklerose
  • Italian Sclerosi multipla
  • Norwegian Multippel sklerose
  • Polish Stwardnienie rozsiane
  • Portuguese Esclerose múltipla
  • Spanish Esclerosis múltiple
  • Swedish Multipel skleros

I hope you should never need to use these translations but if, like me, you like to travel you never know when this little piece of knowledge may be of use.

Stephen’s MS Journey

I discovered Blogging some years ago and, I knew very little about it. My first encounter with WordPress was an attempt to moderate a WordPress site for my local social club. At that stage I didn’t know the difference between a Post and a Page, didn’t understand plug-ins and had never heard of themes. I was under the misapprehension that Blogging was a small-time hobby followed by the anorak-brigade. Boy how wrong was I. Blogging is massive and many hundreds, if not thousands, of people make it a profitable business.

I began this Multiple Sclerosis Blog as a hobby, as many professional Bloggers do. And, slowly began to realise the potential that a successful Blog could have.

Stephen’s MS Journey was born. It has been a troublesome child and at the moment is a petulant teenager. But gradually it is maturing into a fine adult with a great career in front of it.

Contact Stephen Walker

Stephen Walker MS Multiple Sclerosis
Stephen Walker

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