Sex Reassignment

We have all heard about sex change, but sex reassignment? Having made the huge decision to have a sex change, what would anyone want to change back?

Samantha Kane

Samantha Kane Sex Reassignment
Samantha Kane

Samantha Kane is a forty-four year old millionaire property developer. Before her sex change she was a man; Iraqi-born Sam Hashimi. Looking at Samantha it’s hard to believe she was ever a man, and looking at Sam; why would she want the sex reassignment  to revert back?

She tries to explain “I was born as a man in 1960. Seven years ago I had a sex change to become a woman. I am a full woman now, but I’m on the brink of having another sex change to go back to being a man”.

Sam Kashimi Sex Change Reassignment Man Again
Sam Kashimi

Sam Hashimi arrived in London from Baghdad as a seventeen year old student in 1977. Throughout the 1980s he built up a series of successful businesses and in 1990 was given the financial backing to take over Sheffield United Football Club. But an Iraqi would never be accepted by Sheffield fans and the takeover failed. Subsequently, falling property prices led to the collapse of his businesses.

Sam Hashimi

Following the business failure his marriage broke up. After ten years of marriage and two children, Sam Kane and his wife divorced in 1995.

By 1977, all communication with his ex-wife had ceased and he was no longer able to see his two children. This led to desperation, isolation and an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy. He recalls “It was a feeling of hopelessness. I’d lost the football club, my businesses, my wife, my children and my house. I was hopeless as a man, I wasn’t a man”.

Sam went to see a psychiatrist saying he was having fantasies about being a woman. Seven months later he was referred for surgery. In December of 1977 Sam became Samantha.

Samantha relates her thought process at the time “First of all, I thought I would I would do my nose to make it look more feminine. I had eye correction surgery to get rid of my glasses. Then I did my teeth to give me a better smile and I had electrolysis all round my face to remove the masculine beard. I had my Adam’s apple removed and my vocal chords tightened. I had breast implants, all before the sex change surgery to remodel my genitalia”.

Charles Kane

Now all this is about to change, she has decided on sex reassignment, to have the breast implants removed, wants to have the penis reconstructed, and will now be known as Charles.

Charles Kane Sex Change Reassignment
Charles Kane

Nine years after the divorce, Charles Kane has made up his financial loss through property development but doesn’t seem to have faced up to the loss of his wife. The interviewer suggested he might be gay which Charles denied. If he wasn’t gay how did he cope with sleeping with men while he was a woman. He tells us “I tried it a couple of times, really just going through the motions, and I decided it wasn’t for me. I gave up men and started going out with women as a lesbian”.

Charles Kane, it seems, has a habit of rushing into things without thinking them through as was made obvious when, on a whim, he bought a £75,000 motor yacht only to discover that it had lain berthed for two years. It would need an engineer to get it going and was so big it would need a skipper to sail it.

Eventually the day arrives for his penis restructuring. Before surgery, electrolysis is used to remove the hair from the strip of skin that will be used to construct the penis. The new penis will have a tube inside which can be inflated to create an erection. The new, dummy, testicles will be the pump. Charles Kane is born.

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