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Pinterest is a wonderful source of traffic if you use it correctly. And, the correct usage of Pinterest requires that you meet the expectation and goal of the platform.

There is much written about the way Pinterest is best used. Much of this so-called expert advice is misguided or wrong.

One of the common mistakes when using Pinterest for affiliate marketing purposes is to use a direct URL to the merchant. This will work but, Pinterest can construe these links as spam.

The Pinterest guideline is to link your Pin to a post on your blog which should contain the required affiliate link.

Spam-free Pinning

In recognition of this requirement, this Lil’ Affi Shoppe blog will provide the necessary staging posts to maintain spam-free pinning.

The need to avoid being perceived as a spammer is absolutely critical if you wish to remain in harmony with Pinterest. They will suspend your account and you will have a great deal of work to try and recover it.

Furthermore, you will see many blog posts promoting the use of Tailwind to automate your Pinning efforts. This should be used with great care as it is very easy to Pin far to frequently and get your account suspended.

It is quite possible to be a very successful Pinner without using Tailwind.

Additionally, Tailwind is a paid-for service and this can quickly become very onerous if you have multiple Pinterest account.

Lil’ Affi Shoppe does not use Tailwind preferring to adopt pinning practices more in keeping with the Pinterest ethos.

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